New Year old life: Victor only has 13 professionals available

first_imgThe club does not find a way to enable the arrival of reinforcements (a striker is the priority). For there to be entrances there should be exits. But first you should register the three players mentioned above who do not have a record. They all want to find a way out before passing another ordeal based on training without being able to feel like soccer players in official matches.Sadiku, Benkhemassa and Diego, awareHow could it be otherwise, the cards are being a quinar for Malaga. To the outstanding sanctions of Juankar and Luis Muñoz it should be stressed that three players are aware of suspension for a match if they see the fifth yellow. They are Diego González, Benkhemassa and Armando Sadiku.Three players with professional record among which is its maximum producer. Sadiku has scored seven goals. We cannot forget that Mikel Villanueva and Adrián already accumulate three. Meanwhile, Víctor Sánchez del Amo will have to continue working with what little he has available and continue to take risks with players with a record of the subsidiary. This campaign has already used eleven, eight of them debutants.In Malaga he has seen 53 yellow cards and an expulsion that Adrián suffered. Managing so many cards with this precarious template is not easy. Malaga prepares Sunday’s game at Carlos Tartiere against Oviedo with the same pressure with which the year ended: 17 professional cards, three players who cannot be registered (Iván Rodríguez, José Rodríguez and Álex Mula), two players who cannot play in Carlos Tartiere for accumulation of reprimands (Juankar and Luis Muñoz) and three who have trained at margin of the group and that are not easy to be available for the aforementioned commitment (Adrián, Lombán and Keko Gontán). First reading of 2020. Víctor Sánchez del Amo It has, today, 13 alignment professionals.A precariousness that, not known, ceases to be an eternal headache in this season that Luis Hernández has described as “survival.” A state of unease that is not cushioned. The winter transfer market has opened with the arrival of the new year and some clubs have started movements in entrances and exits. Malaga no.last_img read more

Hole back: nine games without leaving the goal to zero

first_imgGirona has a hole in defense. The bleeding of goals received does not stop and the concern increases in a Pep Lluís Martí that, despite his changes in the center of the field, the axis of his defense and the goal does not hit the key. The people of Girona already chain nine games (between Liga and Copa del Rey) receiving goals and hence the current bad streak. He has to go back until November 24, 2019, on day 17 against Fuenlabrada (2-0), to see the last time they managed to keep their goal to zero. Since then, neither in the Cup, against a rival of Third (Linares) or against a Second B (Cartagena) could finish unbeaten.In the last nine duels, Juan Carlos and Asier Riesgo have occupied the goal of Girona, and none have managed to leave their goal to zero. And, moreover, in this period, between the two, They have received 15 goals. Which means an average of 1.6 per game. It is an excessively high figure for a group that intends to ascend to Primera. But this fact of receiving goals is not, by any means, exclusive to the last nine days because in the course, Girona has only left their goal to zero in six duels of the 26 disputed. And it is important to emphasize this because finishing unbeaten is synonymous with triumph for the rojiblancos given that, with the exception of the duel against Alcorcón (0-0), in the rest they have added the three points: Málaga (1-0), Las Palmas (1-0), Racing (0-3), Tenerife (1-0) and Fuenlabrada (2-0). These last two were with the current coach, Martí. Touch to secure the goal to avoid losing more points.last_img read more

Neymar dazzles again

first_imgSince he came back from his last injury, a muscle break in the leg during the Brazil-NigeriaIn November, Neymar lives not only his best moment with the PSG, but also one of the best streaks of his career: after scoring a double against him Lille last sunday, they are eleven goals Y eight assists in twelve matches between league, Champions and League Cup. In this period, he matched the record of Bianchi Y Mbappé by scoring at least one goal in eight consecutive games and Sunday equaled Marseille legend Gunnar Andersson, with 47 goals scored in 50 games in the French league. The poor performance sports united to the controversies, like its ostentatious parties, their travels express to his sister’s birthday, the scandal over an alleged rape and the frustrated attempt to leave last summer they took their bill and the Brazilian started this season team section and having to deal with the protests of the fans, who were fed up with soap operas. They wanted to see the great Neymar, the most expensive player in history (€ 220M), who scored 105 goals in 186 games for four seasons with Barça, where he won two Leagues and one Champions. And after almost two and a half years of waiting, the moment it seems that has arrived. Neymar add the same 13 goals and five assists that Mpabbé in the Flirt 1 this season. And the Frenchman has played two more games than the Brazilian, who already has the justifying numbers the superstar label that was expected of him when he arrived in the Parisian capital: he has made 104 goals (66 goals and 38 assists) in 75 games.From their surroundings they say that behind their spectacular moment is a change of actitud. Mainly off the pitch. About to turn 28, Neymar decided that next February 5 there will be no party. He prefers to save energy to celebrate titles with his teammates at the end of the season.center_img Sometimes it takes bottom to return to catch momentum. Neymar left Barcelona at Paris Saint Germain in the summer of 2017 with one goal: to win the Golden Ball. The idea was that in France, in a multi-million dollar team thanks to the Qatari petrodollars, surrounded by stars, could get out of the shadow of Messi and look with all its potential.But the first two years were disappointing, after two early eliminations in the knockout stages of the Champions League and different injuries, which have made him miss 58 games with the Parisian club, in addition to playing touched the World Cup of Russia 2018 and the Copa América 2019 with Brazil.last_img read more

Oscar is a cucumber –

first_imgWhat do you think Kevin?I think it’s good to play against us. Is a great player. We are going to have to suffer. But if we give it up it’s to see it. He’s doing fine. A great year. He is playing more ahead. It is well advanced.Javier AguirreHow do you explain the last minute?I’ve seen Oscar in training and I know he has an extraordinary blow. When it was the fault, I knew he was going to kick it. Danger was going to be, but is that … pufff … came out round, if you write it does not work out so well. It was a happy ending. This goes on… you have to have a good time, but you have to keep squeezing. What has occurred to you that they are in children’s hours?Well, I can’t anymore … you screwed up the question … Did you see how much the game was suffered? For me, the fair result was the tie. It was a 1-1 sure. The game was there, like nothing was happening in the areas. We press at the end. We refreshed the attack and it came out. Keneth marked her that she seemed to know. And the other put it where he put it. The match was for 1-1. Is it a goal that changes dynamics?There are weeks when everything comes face to face and others that come backwards. It was the week of the derby, with that of En Nesyri. Now they lose the rivals, we win, the signings come … Next week will be whit again. The players deserved such a win. They have suffered since the beginning of the season. But LaLiga is decided in the last 10 games. I am happy. New guys generate internal competition. That makes the boys who were already more animated. Everyone has to shake.The team is climbing steps.Sometimes you think you go there and they give you a blow, like Getafe day … this is constancy and never let your guard down. We have to understand that we play the descent in each game. We have achieved that dynamic. The players understand what they are like this. This will be all matches. Sometimes they will fall face and sometimes cross. What matters is here every day. I have worked with many teams in bad circumstances and can only be constantly optimistic. No one can spread that negativity to us. Make no mistake twice, I told my doorman. He made a goalkeeper and good. Will we have to do extra work with Soriano? Have you lived any time like this after Oscar’s goal?Juan doesn’t need any work, because he is a very confident boy. To be a goalkeeper you have to have eggs. We are all wrong. There is nothing special to do. Saturday will do well. And if you’re wrong, nothing happens. The high? I’ve spent several of these … fucking mother … What did you think of the penalty? Had I ever seen a hit like that?The penalty, what am I going to tell you … I won’t talk about the referees either for or against. Of Oscar? It has a hit suigéneris. It is a ball that moves little. Up and down. I would lie if I told you that the paste like Didí … investigates the dry folha … What did he say to Oscar?I hugged him … and I was surprised that he is not strong. Surely I told him how well he threw, son of a motherfucker … There was ambience in Butarque.After Getafe he deserved something like that. We left very badly. Those people with the flare … they didn’t deserve the 0-3 and against the eternal enemy. With this we are getting even. They neither owe me nor owe them. But this continues. Neither with that we go down, nor with that we are saved. He almost didn’t celebrate the goal …I don’t know … I think the final relief will come when we save ourselves … I measure my words … I am content. You have to go with caution and with respect in the end. There will be time to jump. Imanol SheriffWhat do you think about arbitration?Neither when we win, nor when we lose, I will not complain. They are there. Anyone who wants to see them … it is useless to talk about the referee. What did the referee tell them?I just don’t feel like talking. What has happened has happened. They won’t have seen it … period and it’s over. It shows more pain than ever.It hurts … it hurts … after a great job. It is normal. We were coming from a good, beautiful week. We wanted to start well. Obviously I’m screwed, annoyed, because it’s been at the last minute, that way. The team has made merits to take a point. What feelings do you have for the Cup?The same as before. Although today was not our best game, the stage and the rival will be different. If before this game we were excited about everything we have done in the Cup, this game will have to know how to compete. Have you thought about thinking about Copa?Today we have not thought about Copa. Today we have drawn a team to win the match. We have not succeeded. What changes have you seen in the Leganés de Aguirre?From the beginning you see a team very committed to the defense. We saw it in Anoeta. You have to do a lot of things well to get a game out of Leganés. It is a team that has global work. In Butarque it is a rival that costs. How do you summarize the first and second part? How do you make the last goal?Two parts matched. The first we have been closer to the goal. We have also had occasion. The details mark in First. A match with two very close times where it has been decided by a foul … which obviously has been of beautiful invoice. He has gone to the squad. Hope in the gesture flashed at Leganés. The day began so propitious, that, thrashed through, there were options to leave the well. Aguirre and his boys got into it spitting insolence of some boots that stole the ball from the Real. Unheard of by the enemy and because the pickles are the team with the lowest legal tenure in the League. Only 41.8%. His other evil is the punch. Recurring sin that was repeated to raise Remiro as a wall of local lamentations. He stopped everything. Especially in 6 ’, when his right foot drowned out a howl of sure goal. Braithwaite did not believe the miracle. There were more before and after the storm of disbelief that Soriano unleashed and his sinful prologue of 0-1 (20 ’). Violated all defensive rules. Sangalli stole it and armed the counter that Isak finished off, Swedish goal factory awaiting forgiveness to Willian. It was the first txuri-urdin auction. The 0-2 could have been conceived in a penalty from Silva to Januzaj (28 ’) that, incomprehensibly, was not stung after two minutes of review. Hysteria lived inoculated in the soul of the Lega. The medicine of the rest diminished the fever until Omeruo, off-hook after a corner, injected vitamin of goal. Point and followed. He started another duel with Kevin (the best cucumber) linking all the sauces, although they always lacked a salt point. Imanol waved the tree with Odegaard and Willian José (whistled). Aguirre’s counterweight was to remove Kevin and draw a fleeting 5-3-2 that returned 5-4-1 to ten by the end. The Basque signed the tie giving entry to the hero of the night. What I didn’t know is that the kid had a hidden howitzer on his sleeve. Oscar is a cucumber. ChangesOdegaard (56 ‘, Luca Sangalli), Aitor Ruibal (57 ‘, Eraso), Ander Barrenetxea (60 ‘, Portu), Willian José (70 ‘, Isak), Guido Carrillo (71 ‘, Kévin Rodrigues), Oscar Rodriguez (79 ‘, Braithwaite)center_img Goals0-1, 19 ‘: Isak, 1-1, 48 ‘: Omeruo, 2-1, 93 ‘: Oscar Rodriguez Miracles hide in tight spaces. Óscar’s boot is tiny, just 40 with carats set on each toe of that right foot that draws howitzers with murderous sweetness. Thus, violently beautiful, the Navalmorales managed to drive the ball into the foul squad when the chrono walked along the discount wire. Goal in 94 ‘and comeback from a Leganés who lived on the edge of the precipice after a serious error by Soriano. Remiro stopped everything until Omeruo, first, and Oscar, already in the last breath, gave away three points that allow to match Mallorca, the border of hope. CardsReferee: Mario Melero LópezVAR Referee: Santiago Jaime LatreHard (17 ‘, Yellow) Igor Zubeldia (38 ‘, Yellow) Chidozie Awaziem (68 ‘, Yellow) Guido Carrillo (77 ‘, Yellow) Jonathan Silva (79 ‘, Yellow) Willian José (88 ‘, Yellow) Ander Guevara (92 ‘, Yellowlast_img read more

“Of course Bale can train for five days a week”

first_imgLet Bale continue until 2022: “There is no problem. He says his contract and will continue here. ”Bale has asked for explanations: “We always comment, but I’m not here to talk about it. He hasn’t been in the last calls for things … I have to choose. I’m going to have Gareth, because we know what he can give us. I want it to be fine to play. ”Bale, on the list: “You can enter the call, because you are ready. You will see it later. I am not going to say it. We start like this and I will not change. ”Touch Bale for not calling him: “It is not. The problem is mine. What players have to do is be available. There is no solution with Gareth because there is no problem. It may seem so, but not. ” Gareth Bale was the focus of the press conference of Zinedine Zidane on the eve of the match that Real Madrid will play against Osasuna. In an interview in AS, Jonathan Barnett, his agent, said that the Welshman cannot train five days a week and that the French technician knows it. He denied it: “Of course he is very capable of training five days a week. And he did, for example, after the last game. ”Happy with Bale: “Yes. I am happy with everyone I have. I have 25 players and I must make a call before each match. There is no problem. He will continue working and we will have him ”.Bale arrived with the game started and left before: “I don’t think it was disrespectful. He wants to be here, train and fight. There are times when it is not, as in the last calls, but that does not mean anything.last_img read more

Gabi Moya apologizes to Betis … and he does it 20 years later

first_img20 years is nothing, and less to ask for forgiveness. Gabi Moya, one of Sevi’s emblematic footballerslla in the 90s during two stages celebrates 20 years of his last game with the nervionense shirt. The midfielder ended his second stage on March 19, 2000, after adding five minutes in a win (4-0) from Sevilla to Numancia at Sánchez-Pizjuán. In total, that of Alcalá de Henares added 176 matches and 24 goals in Nervión. Talking to the official Sevilla media, The Madrid player took the opportunity to apologize to Betis for spitting on the green and white shirt during a derby.“At that moment in the field you are so hot that you do not think what you do. It was an ugly gesture. A long time ago, maybe people do not remember it. Now I am sincere and I want to remember it”, the footballer concluded. The play, which occurred during the 99-00 season, in which both teams incidentally dropped to Segunda, occurred during a derby in Nervión. After a clash with the Baetic Bornes, Moya spat into the defender’s shirt. The referee sent off the two footballers. “Well look, I’ve never said it but now I take advantage. Every time I see him, my face falls with shame. I really regret having spit on the eternal rival’s shirt, and not because he was the eternal rival “, affirmed Moya, who began his career at the Real Sociedad Deportiva Alcalá, went to Valladolid, then was at Atlético and inserted Valencia and Mallorca between his two Sevilla stages before returning to the team from his hometown. LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of March 20, 2020last_img read more

Modric’s incident with the Police during the state of alarm

first_imgThere is no soccer but any time is good to tell funny anecdotes of the days of confinement. During a live on Instagram, Marcelo told his partner Vinicius a most curious story that features his partner, Luka Modric.. And is that the left side of the Real Madrid He related what happened to the Croatian midfielder near his home days ago with the police. “I was playing soccer with my son and the ball fell into the street. My son went looking for him and the police told him that he was going to fine him for being on the street “, Marcelo said with a laugh. And is that Modric telephoned, somewhat annoyingly, the Brazilian player to tell him about his little altercation with the Police, during the coronavirus alarm state. Fortunately, although Marcelo did not count it, but it seems that the story ended well and everything could be clarified. And finally, there was no fine for Modric’s son.last_img read more

David Moyes: a supportive guy with a tip

first_imgDavid Moyes, the West Ham coach who also passed the Everton and Manchester United benches, tried to help his neighbors out during the coronavirus pandemic.The coach left London several weeks ago and went to a family home in Lancashire, much further north in England. Days ago, Moyes went out to buy and, at the grocery store he went to, he saw a sign looking for a delivery man. The coach volunteered to do this work to try to help given the situation. “I did it voluntarily because my wife was away at the time. I was alone and I decided to become a fruit and vegetable delivery man,” he said in The Guardian.Some neighbors recognized him (“Could you hear ‘Is that David Moyes?’”) but not all. Among those who didn’t, was an older neighbor, who wanted to value her work with a small tip. “I think the account was £ 16.80 for a box of fruits and vegetables. She gave me a 20 bill and said: “Here you have son, keep the change.” Tip! “He assured in the British newspaper.Moyes had to go to other homes and he even had to go to one of his friends, who ordered an order to play a joke on him. “Two of my friends with whom I usually go out for a drink wrote to me on WhatsApp all the time. “Have you delivered the fruit and vegetables yet?” In the end, I had to bring them two boxes, “said Moyes, who made a small profit of less than three pounds. This is not being his only way to help the Scotsman, who is also using his fame to try to encourage others with calls.. Days ago, he was chatting with Iris, an 85-year-old lady who has overcome the coronavirus. “She is doing very well and tells me that she is receiving a lot of support from the people of West Ham. They call her and send her letters. I have promised her that when soccer returns I will go to look for her by taxi, we will go to the game and then I will stop her back home, “he confessed.In confinement, stop being the coachMoyes is alone in his house in Lancashire and now, he admits that his wife, Pamela Moyes, is the one who gives him directions for improvement in the kitchen., as he usually does with his footballers. “Now it is my wife who is in the band, giving me all kinds of indications although I think my cuisine is somewhat better than average. I’ve made baked salmon, monkfish. I’ve been through the fishmonger a lot. It is not an incredible thing but it lets itself be eaten “, explained the coach about his handling in the kitchen under the orders oflast_img read more

The Mutua Madrid Open Virtual Pro will be digital and transmitted only on Facebook Gaming

first_imgThe Mutua Madrid Open Virtual Pro It will formally begin subsequent Monday, April 27 at 3:00 p.m., a begin time that will additionally be repeated on different days. The broadcast, much like the tv manufacturing that’s carried out for the Mutua Madrid Open Standard, will embody the presentation of every match, with narration and feedback, interviews with tennis gamers after every match and the presence of particular company, akin to former tennis gamers or famend journalists. A abstract program with the highlights of the day will be the spotlight of every day of competitors.An additional addition for spectators will be the choice to see how tennis gamers play from their properties thanks to 2 enabled home windows on the display screen. Thus, what occurs within the Tennis World Tour online game will be accompanied by the reactions of the good stars of the ATP and the WTA.The Mutua Madrid Open Virtual Pro It was born with a transparent solidarity vocation to assist the tennis gamers most in want for the time being, all those that wouldn’t have the revenue to face all these months of inactivity, and these affected by Covid-19. Because of this, the match will rely with a donation of 300,00zero euros in each tables (150,00zero ATP and 150,00zero WTA), from which the winners will be in a position to determine the quantity that they provide to the tennis gamers with essentially the most monetary issues for the time being. Moreover, the Mutua Madrid Open Virtual Pro It will donate a complete of 50,00zero euros to the Madrid Meals Financial institution to assist cut back the social affect of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Mutua Madrid Open Virtual Pro, the progressive on-line tennis match that will face just about the perfect gamers on this planet from their properties from April 27 to 30 on the Manolo Santana Stadium of the Caja Mágica, recreated intimately within the online game Tennis World Tour (Nacon Gaming), will be broadcast in Facebook Gaming.16 ATP gamers (Rafa Nadal, Andy Murray, Dominic Thiem Alexander Zverev, Stefanos Tsitsipas, Gael Monfils, David Goffin, Kei Nishikori, Fabio Fognini, Diego Schwartzman, Denis Shapovalov, Karen Khachanov, John Isner, Lucas Pouille, David Ferrer, Frances Tiafoe ) and 16 WTA gamers (Karolina Pliskova, Elina Svitolina, Bianca Andreescu Belinda Bencic, Kiki Bertens, Dona Vekic Angelique Kerber, Madison Keys, Kristina Mladenovic, Carla Suárez, Victoria Azarenka, Caroline Wozniacki Johanna Konta, Fiona Ferro, Eugenie Bouchard and Sorana C ) make up the solid of competitors members.Along with the tennis gamers, eight content material creators will take part, in parallel to the official competitors, in a charity match that will face skilled gamers with the flagship faces of the gaming territory: DjMaRiiO, Cristinini, Alexby, Seb Delanney, Gravesen, Borja Iglesias , Ibai Llanos and Grefg will be on the controls of their PlayStation Four to exhibit their abilities within the sport of racket.The Mutua Madrid Open Virtual Pro It might probably be adopted in Spanish by the Facebook web page of PlayStation Spain and in English on the web page of the Mutua Madrid Open.The broadcasts will begin this Friday, April 23 at 4:00 p.m. with the draw of the competitors tables, which will be attended by Andrea Levy (Councilor for Tradition, Tourism and Sports activities of Madrid), Gerard Tsobanian (CEO and President of the Mutua Madrid Open), Feliciano López (match director), Lars Graff (ATP supervisor) and Giulia Orlandi (WTA supervisor). Subsequent, there will be a draw for the charity match, which will combine content material creators with tennis gamers.last_img read more

Jason, very close to continue another year at Getafe

first_imgIf Getafe also manages to retain Deyverson, it would have to go very little to the market this summer, unless some great one takes to one of its props. The other loan with a purchase option is Kenedy, but in his case the investment would be excessive and will not continue in the Coliseum if Chelsea does not lower its claims. Jason Remeseiro is very close to ensuring his continuity at Getafe for one more season. The Galician arrived on loan from Valencia last summer without a purchase option, but the current market situation, very difficult for everyone, means that the conversations held for months between the clubs and the footballer can bear fruit very soon. The deal, in fact was almost closed a couple of months ago, has been reactivated.Jason, twenty-five began as the undisputed starter for Bordalás. A fixture on the right wing for his great deployment, his good centers and his precision on the stopped ball. However, as a result of the Azulona elimination in the Copa del Rey, the Galician winger had completely lost the leading role in the team. Nyom was playing in his lane now, and Jason barely had minutes in the past two months. That temporarily slowed down a continuity operation that has now activated again.last_img read more