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The website is a factor of 8 K you have to knowThe website is a factor of 8 K you have to know

refers to what?The

in the first place, because we are the most valued not spend a few dollars to buy a private virtual proxy virtual space is made up, and then buy a domain name, a source program, in fact, most of the new sites was K space has a great relationship, and you own the factors but can not be found, the space is generally K we can self this several factors:

2, no station 301. 301 redirect is doing what I do not say love Shanghai can know, generally do not do 301 of the site is not K, but this only exists in no traces of website optimization. The Shanghai dragon ER website to do the 301 why didn’t do will be K, because he is not the 301 actual 2 mirror sites, with and without 3W 3W is a top-level domain, a domain name is two, then this happens as we optimize one another the weight bearing part of his spider, found 2 kind of content when crawling web site there must be included, will K off one another, and you you did not optimize is unable to obtain the rankings so do 301 harm is huge, but there is one detail in 301, when the bar. read more

To do a good job of Shanghai dragon Know how to choose keywords is the keyTo do a good job of Shanghai dragon Know how to choose keywords is the key

is the core keywords, then Shanghai dragon er the first thing to understand is that the main products of their company, site location and site of the audience, which will help predict the webmaster search engine users search keywords will. Of course, such words there are two types of options:

? Since

1, the selection of the site of the core keywords

(1) of the first type mainly focus on a limited number of sites or just a keyword, this site in general are relatively easy to optimize. Of course, this situation is very dangerous, because if we want to get more traffic from search engines, then keywords broader some would be better. " read more

Analysis of website optimization and the reality of social network relationsAnalysis of website optimization and the reality of social network relations

is the high quality of the external website optimization help more, we are doing the external should not be like before just do a link only, we can maintain long-term exchanges and communication, a mutual chain may be that you know each other meet you, but this is only is the understanding of the relationship is the sublimation of contacts. In a network of contacts sometimes should not be too stingy, the Internet all the products are unknown. Perhaps in the existing network connections, there is a bring you the star effect of course including you. read more

3 ways to make your keywords fast love Shanghai home3 ways to make your keywords fast love Shanghai home

Shanghai dragon! site fine-tuning 4" core method determine the direction of the station for the update

article by the Hefei Shanghai old black dragon editor first, please indicate the 贵族宝贝ahf贵族宝贝/


station drainage is mainly analyzed from two aspects: first, the current marketing chain drainage, all of our friends do keywords ranking of the chain still accounted for the vast majority of the chain a lot every day, but can play a role in the drainage of only a few a little, but the main drainage or direction or marketing in marketing, how to carry out marketing and marketing methods, the late old black will do as we explain in detail. read more

Love Shanghai bidding skills and experience sharingLove Shanghai bidding skills and experience sharing


is promotion units, promotion promotion plan is the same unit with segment and segment, so we have to write a creative writing. There is disclosed a secret, but also "


just started doing it for promotion is also puzzled, less online essays. I don’t love to ask others which is a big disadvantage. I hope you don’t like me. Do not know is to ask, in fact love Shanghai internal customer service must be more than we know more, though I don’t like the love of the people of Shanghai, but they have experience, experience better than us this is a fact. I don’t love them so much is my own reasons in ancient. read more

Huang Cong Shanghai dragon must have expert knowledge of programmingHuang Cong Shanghai dragon must have expert knowledge of programming

at this stage you should learn how to build a web site, so this requires you to seriously study, Dreamweaver (PHP/ASP/ASP.NET), the basic knowledge of MYSQL station.

Huang Cong, a Shanghai expert Longfeng way of learning should follow the following pattern:

believe that many experts said that Shanghai Longfeng people do not understand programming, but does not prevent them from some difficult words do love Shanghai home, because they have enough content and the chain, and these keywords do general enough. But they really know how to search engine? You know they say is Shanghai dragon expert and not Wangzhuan experts, they even search engines which parts do not know, or even the Shanghai dragon spelling is not know, also claiming to Shanghai dragon experts, it is not very practical, their real title it should be "Wangzhuan experts". read more

Cause analysis of Web site optimization keywords declineCause analysis of Web site optimization keywords decline

as a web site optimization, keyword is directly related to the rise and fall of our customer’s recognition and confidence in the website optimization Website Optimization Website optimization, although the process, key rise and fall is inevitable phenomenon, but when keywords large-scale floating, on the one hand is the engine appeared to change the search, on the other hand is the site itself there is a problem, the author in the process of optimization, keywords decline to analysis:

optimization experience, server failure if there 7 days and have not been solved, the keyword will cause decline and disappear phenomenon, it also needs more support case. read more

After 12 years of struggle he earned 100 million from rookie jobs to shlf1314 CEOMa Yun’s privateAfter 12 years of struggle he earned 100 million from rookie jobs to shlf1314 CEOMa Yun’s private

gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory

world parents general edition mantra: "look at other people,"

he is from shlf1314 officers CEO · Sandel Sundar Pichai; CAI skin, in order to highlight the cultural level of Chinese people, we call him: Wood Pichai.


followed, Ma said, the future of new enterprises if you want to maintain lasting innovation, 40-60 people is a reasonable scale. Innovation always comes from the outside, he says, and big companies always kill good ideas because too many organizations, systems, and rules constrain creativity. If you really want to be more innovative and make sure your team size is between 40-60 people, this is the honeymoon period for start-up companies. read more

Decrypt seven common Links cheatingDecrypt seven common Links cheating


with a look of little importance but also weight good site exchange links with others, let the other sites link to another main push your station, with the station link to his station, let the other station for the main push your weight transfer station.

in the English website, rarely like Chinese Website Link Exchange page, usually in content. So that we can put the Links page weight to a minimum, so that the weight derived from the best. The most typical approach is that only in the home to the Links column of a link to other pages are the link to it, so the search engine may also included the weight is very low, with the least change most, is a very good read more

According to the observation area of Shanghai Longfeng index decline shows what behindAccording to the observation area of Shanghai Longfeng index decline shows what behind

is that the Spring Festival is approaching, Shanghai dragon Er are on holiday, no one search, because the search area of Shanghai dragon people most of their blog, not the real users, this point I was deeply aware, because the blog in Shanghai before the love three, a day on average only 5.6 IP. True enough to explain this problem.

I used a blog to do a Shanghai Longfeng blog, this blog ranking in the region is stable in Shanghai love home also have six months time, never fall out of love Shanghai home. But this time it is found in the area of Shanghai Longfeng index continued to decline, according to the word that I understand the Dongguan Shanghai dragon, reached 200 of the index was stable in the beginning of 2012, and now only more than 80 of the index. At first I thought it might be a case, then check it in the mainstream of the city area of Shanghai Longfeng, namely Beijing Shanghai dragon, Guangzhou Shanghai dragon, Shenzhen Shanghai dragon as an example, found that the area of Shanghai Longfeng index decreased in different degree, almost halved the situation, believe this the situation should also be in other areas of Shanghai Longfeng situation. read more

Google glasses at City Management in China popular keywords amazing combination effectGoogle glasses at City Management in China popular keywords amazing combination effect

think, in the Google coffee Xiangpiao laboratory developed the "Google glasses" eventually become the inspectors and hawkers wits forensics tools. Always feel that people feel not so harmonious, this is to find the final destination of the high-tech satire or let "Google glasses".

! < > There are always thinking of !

was hot!

since the inspectors with Google glasses is to enforce the law when there are pictures and the truth". So, look at Google Glasses + city "degree of communication, also to a map with the truth, first love Shanghai news input keywords Google glasses: read more

Early and middle high level of God’s Shanghai dragon evolution ntermediate 2Early and middle high level of God’s Shanghai dragon evolution ntermediate 2

3. study Shanghai Longfeng, this kind of pure Shanghai dragon.


3. "code of cognitive

1. network marketing road, in fact, Shanghai dragon is part of the network marketing, but this method at present, obvious effect and high conversion rate. But the method of marketing hundreds, only want to move around the world by Shanghai dragon, that you promote the road not far away, go away. But if you can master the network marketing theme, then you will become the one of the best.

, Shanghai dragon which requires intermediate ER read more

Easy to do the site outside the chain of high quality soft Wen winning sixEasy to do the site outside the chain of high quality soft Wen winning six

for soft Wen, I have too much to write, before I write soft no less than five articles, each finished and have a lot of friends. I love the soft, to my familiar friends may know almost every day I will take the time to write a written text, and for each article can do on the front page of A5, it is because of my commitment to create my soft for some deep research. May I have seen before the friends know my three section in this article, I also think so, but today the mood is good to change the wording, focus on share some of their own use of soft chain of practical experience, I hope everyone can like. read more

How can a more accurate understanding of the site the user needsHow can a more accurate understanding of the site the user needs

is special about the user’s needs. When the user clicks or other search engines love Shanghai, often have some special needs, these needs are often random, but not from the framework of the website related industry. That is to say often through some long tail keywords to search, so as to obtain specific needs. This point can often love Shanghai through the analysis of the search list, and search results related search keywords to the bottom of the page, you can get some special needs of users, so you can optimize your site to the long tail keywords to optimize, to help their own website success. read more

A combination of love and Shanghai also said that the promotion effect of Tencent compete SogouA combination of love and Shanghai also said that the promotion effect of Tencent compete Sogou

Tucao: Tencent effect promotion price is very high, Sogou bidding price is also high. The author before the vote on the Sogou for advertising, but the account until a year to "burn money", the author is too much to handle. The PC end of soso, Bing and immediate three forces, but is also a weak Union, is not a dog, not to mention the love of Shanghai. After the two search engine estimates are rarely used, and Bing in China is mainly to compete with Google domestic and overseas users.

two, read more

Analysis of Suzhou Shanghai dragon target keywords content page weightAnalysis of Suzhou Shanghai dragon target keywords content page weight

Objective: to actual use of this article is the analysis of the degree of competition in the Suzhou and Shanghai dragon keywords maximum weight as a content page release can achieve value.

4, the influence of quality, appearance, value and other factors, an article is made of good quality rankings and the article itself is firmly related to the paragraph is clear, whether the layout is beautiful, is equipped with various auxiliary media such as pictures and video etc.. Whether the article is value for users. According to the word of Suzhou Shanghai dragon after layout and alignment seriously, so easy to read, and have some practical value, in order to achieve beautiful and suitable layout arrangement. read more

love to talk about some small details mule Shanghai Dragonlove to talk about some small details mule Shanghai Dragon

content page: www.xxx贵族宝贝/xxx/xxx/xxx.html (some will be added in front of the date directory)

two directory: www.xxx贵族宝贝/xxx/xxx/


general a little waste site, later will according to the needs of users and their understanding of adjustment or merger of some columns, if the content page URL is above the set of words, there is no way to adjust the column, because once the adjustment, the adjusted column content of the page were all turned into a dead link, a lot of time a message may need to be adjusted to another program is also no way to adjust the same reason. read more

At the end of 3SB war conjectureAt the end of 3SB war conjecture

2, Shanghai still love the search engine market monopoly, 360 die of spite

has also not satisfied with the status quo, unwilling to remain out of the limelight, seen from the participation of 360 and Shanghai Sogou love can snatch war. Sogou known to the user, from his input method. According to information, Ma Yun in the investment Sogou, asked such a question: "how can the Sogou >

1, 360 final foothold, made part of the search engine market, love Shanghai search engine market monopoly read more

Novice collection how to choose the hospital website keywordsNovice collection how to choose the hospital website keywords

is currently the medical profession is one of the most competitive bidding Shanghai dragon industry. The medical profession in the hospital website ranking, site visits, and the conversion rate is very importance. The iceberg today to share with you about the column page keywords selection. Keywords on the home page to the hospital website is a combination of basic disease hospital + + pan area, such as Fuzhou Fuzhou gynecological hospital, painless hospital and so on, everyone is doing, so home competition is big. But these words have to be done for most sites, because this is close to the site of the brand. The monopoly on all the region * * hospital, then your website Niubi, but often difficult to do so in the same area of the Shanghai dragon competition will appear each one has its own merits. Here is my home page keyword description too narrow, hope that will not cause you misunderstood. read more

Over Shanghai dragon leads to the search engine does not include the counterexampleOver Shanghai dragon leads to the search engine does not include the counterexample

because many new webmaster do stand experience, original content points can not keep up, so looking for a hot topic. And everything around us everywhere entertainment, entertainment information flying full screen fly, search engines are keen for the entertainment of hot information to the webmaster envy, then reproduced on the Internet in the ocean or pseudo original entertainment information.

1. Title

extract The

trying to find hot spots, looking for key words, pseudo original blind. These are over the Shanghai dragon, a see Shanghai dragon has consistently opposed excessive behavior, this is a kind of non health practices, largely on the Internet will destroy the ecological environment, and it is true that love Shanghai constantly adjust the rules included is based on these reasons. Today, see with his many years of accumulated experience and do the latest research results, the cause for excessive Shanghai Longfeng search engines are not included in the counterexample analysis. read more