Month: April 2017

Children’s bed top ten brands listChildren’s bed top ten brands list

want to give children a better growth environment, so that they can grow up healthy and happy, also need to let them have a more healthy and environmentally friendly bedding. As parents all know that children need a good, healthy and comfortable living environment, in which it is not difficult to think of children’s bed is one of the important factors. Fresh air, sunny space, comfortable, warm bed for children, will give the child to create an ideal, comfortable living space for children to grow up happily. Many parents to pick a good point to their children’s children’s bed effort is not ideal, here, I have to do reference for you as parents of the owners listed the following ten major brand ranking children bed. read more

Non tea has very high popularity can not join the wholeNon tea has very high popularity can not join the whole

tea shop, has been very much. Want to get a place at the beginning of the market, choose a good tea to join the project is very important. Non tea can not milk tea? With the characteristics of delicious, to join non tea can not milk tea project, is a very wise choice!

2010 in April, Jack sun first desktop dessert "non tea can not be opened in the famous Phoenix Town tourist area in Hunan Province, he personally improved modulation" Mango Mein mein ice "," burst egg tea "was first introduced in the domestic sales, the unique creative and unforgettable flavors for customers in the drink at ease more add a whole drink from" non beauty, not tea "good taste, high image, mid-range price has been highly recognized by customers, and attract counterparts have imitated. read more

Four strokes to make your home textile business is boomingFour strokes to make your home textile business is booming

set up shop to do business, of course, is the hope that the business is booming, for home textile store owner is also the case. So, home textile franchise store boss how to let the shop business is booming? Here, the small series for you to disclose the necessary 4 home textile franchise business skills, help stores more smoothly.



window display, store display, store and POP.   run a good store at least 2 months to replace a window display, each containing a theme. In store display also needs to be consistent with the theme of the display window, the overall display 1 months of change, the most important samples show the best   a change of 10 days. There is a new sense of change, consumers will be attracted into the store. The head of the home textile store should be kept clean, POP and promotional to be creative and consistent with the theme of the store. read more

What are the conditions for joining caidiexuanWhat are the conditions for joining caidiexuan

was originally a staple food in Europe and other countries, since the introduction of China, welcomed by consumers. Of course, investors see the market is naturally very favored in the investment bakery. Bread is not only a convenient and fast food, but also a taste of delicious food. Now there are many chain corporation making bread, but is in many enterprises caidiexuan company to do the best. There are many investors want to invest an bread brand, but some people do not meet the conditions for joining not join. So what are the conditions for joining caidiexuan to join read more

Biogas construction team to do a good job in rural areas to get richBiogas construction team to do a good job in rural areas to get rich

In rural areas, because

itself has many characteristics, so businesses in rural areas tend to timely adjust measures to local conditions, to find more suitable for local investment business projects, the construction team do biogas in rural areas more popular now.

in rural biogas construction team better than do the project is not rich. Say it well, fortunately where read more

Government platform to support young entrepreneurs go furtherGovernment platform to support young entrepreneurs go further

said to management activities under the Chinese venture what is different with the past, that is in the tide of entrepreneurship in the government played an important role. A variety of entrepreneurial support have been introduced for the public entrepreneurs to create a platform for entrepreneurship.

At the beginning of the new year

read more

Channel network won the 2014 China nformation ndustry annual high growth enterprise awardChannel network won the 2014 China nformation ndustry annual high growth enterprise award

December 5th, the 2014 annual meeting of China’s information industry economy was held in Beijing, Shangri-La. The next year will be organized by the Ministry of industry and information technology, China Electronic Information Industry Development Institute, the channel network was invited to attend the annual meeting, and won the 2014 China Information Industry annual high growth enterprise award". Annual meeting was held a grand ceremony, vice president of channel network Zou Zhiying on behalf of the channel network group took the podium. read more

What Lucai store address selection in the placeWhat Lucai store address selection in the place

ruled out some external interference, a shop operating results? Mainly look at the source, and can bring the incoming passengers will depend on how many of your business. Site selection is a problem to be considered. Take Lucai shop, there is a lot of local food, but also a lot of people like to eat, in some markets, large and small Lucai shop everywhere, but also a lot of people generally buy Lucai, market is still very good, usually love to drink love to buy directly as a dish, everything on the line. What halogen and halogen halogen PigHead pig ears, pig tongue, if there is a guest house, in a hurry, or the owner is not much of a cook will choose to buy Lucai, directly save trouble, so if Lucai do good will be very popular. read more

Help customer accounts to get customer trustHelp customer accounts to get customer trust

even in the same street, even if there are several retail stores around, however, some shops business can be very hot, so the store is undoubtedly a business skills. When chatting with colleagues will always hear such as "now the market competition, business is difficult to do," the complaint. This remark is not false. There are several small supermarkets in the street where my store is located. On the area, I shop the smallest; on the location of my shop is not the best. But on business, I do better than the others. read more

2016 sea fair opened in Dongguan2016 sea fair opened in Dongguan

silk road has a profound impact on China’s ancient economy, but also to the world recognized China’s silk products. Silk road is divided into the Silk Road and the Silk Road on the sea, the new century Maritime Silk Road Exhibition opened in Dongguan, attracting the attention of countless people.

10 on Sept. 27, twenty-first Century 2016 Guangdong Maritime Silk Road International Expo (hereinafter referred to as the "sea fair") opened in Guangdong city of Dongguan Province, Guangdong modern international exhibition center. This exhibition a total of 73 countries and regions participating exhibitors, exhibitors from 52 countries and regions, the establishment of 39 countries (regions) Museum, the exhibition area of nearly 70 thousand square meters, outside the country to exhibit participants a new high, is expected to come from the home and abroad professional buyers will be more than the last. read more

How the newly opened cake shop to do the work of brand extensionHow the newly opened cake shop to do the work of brand extension

whether a shop product is good, but because of new, coupled with fierce competition of the industry, if not for the promotion, I am afraid the visibility of the shop will be greatly reduced. So, if it is to open a new cake shop, it is necessary to do a good job in the promotion of the brand, which also plagued many people, do not know how to carry out the relevant work. So, how to do a good job in the new cake shop brand promotion?

The role played by

as everyone knows advertising in all walks of life are not to be underestimated, if want to let more people know your brand, not just their own minor, but need to do. But many people think in web advertising or subway loop like even if it is to complete the task, in fact, want to open a cake shop good advertisement is not an easy thing, it is an art, art and skill is a rational use of resources, efficient and economical use of investment. Good advertising will be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, on the contrary, it will cause unnecessary consequences, and even evolved into negative publicity. So how should the new cake shop be advertised? Xiao Bian think can start from the following aspects, read more

Restaurant business success is the key locationRestaurant business success is the key location

There are many

catering enterprises core competition ability, such as what brand marketing, what catering management strategies, customer marketing methods, these do not say, you know there is a core competence is the restaurant location problem?

site selection is a core competence of catering enterprises, the location is the strategic focus of catering enterprises, is related to the survival and development of a brand. If you just want to open a shop, the site may hit the jackpot; if you want to open hundreds of stores, there must be targeted for site selection, set up their own "shop production line", to ensure the high success rate of shop. The main contents of the study include the following aspects: read more

What a good brand of children’s clothing to joinWhat a good brand of children’s clothing to join

With the increasing of neonatal

contained in them, consumer demand is increasing, especially the children dressed as many parents are concerned about the topic, especially in today’s young parents want to give their children the best, there are so many brands on the market investment, what brand can be sure the child’s parents. Love, watermelon taro children joined project is a good choice, its products, let the parents worry very much, if you pay attention to the brand of


children’s wear to choose what brand is good? Since the Fujian new generation Industrial Co., the company’s children’s clothing watermelon taro from entering the market, well received by consumers, the design of children’s health, watermelon taro adhering to the lively and straightforward style, with 3 to 15 years old children as the main consumer groups, now in the country more than and 20 provinces, more than 300 "watermelon taro" boutique club and products, fashion design, quality assurance, can one stop shopping, is to let the parents very worry. read more

Maternal stores need to pay attention to what the whole locationMaternal stores need to pay attention to what the whole location

maternal and infant industry is now a good development, the prospects are very good, many people want to engage in mother and child to join, then, if you want to open a mother and child to join the store, then the site should pay attention to what? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

shop is one of the most important conditions of success, everyone’s attention? Maternal stores in the site whether investors should pay attention to what? The first concern now family population and income level, maternal stores need to site? Family status is the basic factor affecting consumer demand. Family characteristics include: population, family members of the age, income and other factors, have determined the source of good. read more

Qianxi Beibei energy saving advantages selectionQianxi Beibei energy saving advantages selection

now, the competitiveness of each industry is very hot. For those who want to start the business, the choice of a good project is really very important to join. How about Qianxi babe baby? For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, the best choice is to start. Join Qianxi hot babe baby products project, project selection!

The history of the development of

Qianxi Audrey very diversified, Qianxi Beibei maternal and child supplies gymnasium management product category covers food, health care products, baby diaper products, daily care products, clothing shoes and hats, bedding, toys, infant supplies, mother baby crib, souvenirs, small appliances, audio books and other products involving more than and 500 domestic and foreign brands tens of thousands of single product. read more

Sweet wind lovers parent child loaded by the quality a of agentsSweet wind lovers parent child loaded by the quality a of agents

children’s clothing industry outlook is good, well received by the public. With the popularity of parent-child programs, driven by the fiery development of the clothing industry. Select the industry leader in the brand of sweet wind couple loaded items, the headquarters will provide products and other aspects of support, so that franchisees can easily open the consumer market, to get better sales results.

sweet couple wind dresses, the design style is romantic and rich, natural color and color of calm, elegant, but are always popular not blindly. Light, thin, soft, permeability strong, soft exhaust, comfortable, sweet wind with food standards of clothing. Each package is designed by the company to complete the pro design elements to lead the fashion trend. read more

Taobao store promotion skills introductionTaobao store promotion skills introduction


market industry prospects, many entrepreneurs face the market, choose to venture in the online Taobao store, now Taobao stores are everywhere, the shop’s business and promotion is more and more difficult, the details of Taobao shop page of the sales promotion is great importance. So, Taobao shop promotion what skills?

. A distinctive name

when many consumers search baby, some buyers will use the shop name search method, so the design of Taobao shop name is also very important. The design of the name, it is best to and their sales of related products, personal and easy to remember, play the effect is relatively high. read more

More important healthy eating hot breakfast market wholeMore important healthy eating hot breakfast market whole

breakfast in our life, has always been very popular choice. With the gradual improvement of our living standards, we gradually increase the demand for breakfast, of course, a healthy diet is very important. Next, let us take a look at the breakfast market to join the introduction of the demand for health bar:

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