first_imgYouths living in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) believe teen abstinence is the best way of preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS. This revelation was made during a two-day HIV/AIDS workshop held at Airy Hall by the National AIDS Programme Secretariat (NAPS). The sessions were organised by the Essequibo Coast Dharmic Najauwan.During in-depth group discussions, facilitator Nazim Hussain discussed the epidemic of HIV/AIDS and how it can be spread. During group sessions several of those participating revealed that in their opinion, teen abstinence was the best way of preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS.During discussion, one of the youths, Sarah Sookdeo, said teenagers need to abstain although it could be quiet challenging.Stop the spread of HIV! Essequibo Coast teens who participated in the HIV/AIDS workshopSome of the reasons highlighted why teens should choose abstinence included waiting until they feel ready for the emotional and physical aspects of sex, avoiding the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases (STD), wanting to have fun without the pressures and concerns of sexual involvement, pursuing other interests such as sports or academics, moral or religious beliefs that teen abstinence is the best choice.Youths also highlighted that some of the benefits of abstinence include avoiding sexually transmitted diseases, avoid unplanned pregnancy, not getting a bad reputation, avoid some of the emotional consequences of teen sex, especially if the relationship does not work out, including feeling hurt, used, lonely, angry or depressed. The youths are therefore calling on other teenagers to help in the fight against HIV and to spend time with people who support their standards and to focus on the non-sexual sides of romance.last_img

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