first_imgI got into the Olympic Stadium almost three hours before the 100 metres final to get the best possible seat.Unlike those who pay 800 pounds for a ticket and have a fixed seat which cannot be changed, the media people are lucky.As I did not want a tabled seat, I chose to sit just one tier above the finish line. It was an incredible feeling as I had done the same in Beijing, wanting to ensure I could catch the finish without having to rely on the electronic scoreboard.The 400 metres semi-finals took place earlier and my eyes were focused on a man named Oscar Pistorious. I have seen innumerable images of the Blade Runner as he is called, but to see him in real was so different.It takes amazing courage and guts to run in a field with able bodied athletes. Standing in his lane and waiting for the race to begin, Pistorious was a picture of concentration. Midway through the race, he did fall back and did not make the final, but he had done enough to capture my attention.In a sport where even one muscle pull or cramps can ruin your race, Blade Runner is so different. He had to fight to get into these Olympics because if it had been left to the officials, they would have let him compete only in the Paralympics.In each sport at the Olympics, champions get plaudits and reams are written about them. Sadly, there was no press conference with Blade Runner and I will try and get him one day just to hear about his spirit of fighting against all odds and how he prepares for such a gruelling sport.Its one thing to have all your limbs intact and race and another to be handicapped and still not give up. I guess for people in India, who generally feel the loss of a limb is the end of life, Pistorious should become a real life hero.Having though so much about Pistorious, when the time came for the 100 metres race, the mother of all competitions at the Olympics, there was a strong chill. Each spectator was in a state of delirium waiting for the classy field to epxlode where Usain Bolt versus Yohan Blake had been hyped up so much.But just when the race was to begin, there was a huge shock for me as a spectator threw an empty water bottle on the track. I am sure the London cops would have dealt with the miscreant suitably, but to disturb eight athletes concentration in their respective running lanes before such a huge race was indeed shameful.I mean these kind of things happen not just in India but also in football venues like Wembley. But there is certainly no place for any hooliganism at the Olympucs as the spirit of the Games is disturbed.Finally, when the eight runners crouched on the starters block and waited for the gun to go off, the atmosphere was amazing. Imagine, being one of the 80,000 spectators and there is pin-drop silence just before the race is to begin. And once the race starts, you have to focus all 10 seconds on the runners.As Bolt left me electrified I did not want to get up from my seat. The replays kept appearing even as Bolt was doing all the stuntman stuff, carting on the ground, posing with the Jamaican flag and shaking hands with thousands.There are some champions for whom celebration is like hugging the coach or teammates. In the case of Bolt, he responds to thousands who keep yelling “U-uusain… U-uusain…”Well for an hour after his race ended, Bolt was in the arena. And even after that, when he spoke to the media, none could complain they didnt have quotes from him or the right picture.Not only does this man provide you with so much joy when he runs, after the race he is a thorough entertainer as he poses in so many ways for photo ops. From media pressure to crazy security in London and challenges ahead, he talks about everything.Yet, what I like most about this six feet and five inches tall giant is his simplicity. Youve got to be nuts if you dont love Bolt!advertisementlast_img

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