first_img Facebook Twitter Advertisement Login/Register With: We’d bet a cottage compound in Muskoka you have almost nothing in common with The Real Housewives of Toronto.They have Botox for breakfast and caviar for lunch, for goodness sakes. Who can say the same?Thankfully, there are some redeeming qualities in the six women chosen to star — sorry, be real versions of themselves — in the inaugural season of the Slice series, debuting Tuesday. They are all devoted moms and wives — and at least one of them is her household’s primary breadwinner. Advertisementcenter_img LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisement So there, they are totally relatable. You can’t blame them because they can jet off to a five-star Turks and Caicos resort at a moment’s notice — can you? Can you?Let’s meet the crew:Kara AllowayMarried to: Lawyer Graham Alloway, for 22 years. They have three sons.By day: She organizes charity fundraisers, attends fashion shows and works as the marketing director for her husband’s firm.By night: She parties it up with Toronto’s elite — but not too hard, so as not to go against her born-again Christian values.Conflict potential: High. Kara’s traditional way of life — and her me-first approach — will undoubtedly rub some Housewives the wrong way.Words to live by: “Money makes you well known, but your character makes you worth knowing.”Roxy EarleMarried to: Tech investor Raghu Earle. They have two children from Raghu’s previous marriage and one spoiled dog.By day: She takes her fuzzball Lola to the salon, takes herself to the spa and works on her own lifestyle brand.By night: She selects a curve-hugging dress from the closet of her sprawling Yorkville estate and goes to whatever party the rest of the wives are going to.Conflict potential: High. Roxy isn’t afraid to say the first thing that springs to mind.Words to live by: “Some people love me, some people hate me, but nobody forgets me.”Joan Kelley WalkerMarried to: Magna International CEO Don Walker (one of the richest men in Canada). They have two kids together, and he has two kids from a previous marriage.By day: She travels, shops and tends to her humanitarian duties.By night: She is often the one throwing the party — whether it be at their King City compound, downtown condo, vacation homes in Colorado and Miami, or their giant cottage in Muskoka.Conflict potential: Moderate. This small-town girl, raised in Wilcox, Sask., embraces her privileged big-city life, and does whatever she wants.Words to live by: “I didn’t believe in fairy tales until I found myself living one.”Jana WebbMarried to: No one, at the moment. She has one son.By day: She focuses on growing her company JOGA (Yoga for Jocks), which has over 300 trainers across Canada who train thousands of athletes, including MLB, NBA and CFL pros.By night: She focuses on finding Mr. Right Now — as opposed to Mr. Right — if you catch her drift.Conflict potential: Low. This sunshiny fitness buff keeps it real with Beaches neighbourhood besties Gregoriane and Joan. Words to live by: “You’ve got to be in great shape if you want to climb to the top.”Gregoriane MinotMarried to: Nightclub owner and restaurateur Pierre Jutras. They have two children.By day: Planning exclusive parties.By night: Attending exclusive parties. If there’s a dance floor, you can bet Gregoriane (known as Grego) and her Louboutins are going to tear it up.Conflict potential: Moderate. But this Montreal-raised former actress can’t help it if others can’t handle her joie de vivre!Words to live by: “My life is a party and the world is my dance floor.”Ann Kaplan MulhollandMarried to: Plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Mulholland. They have two children together, two who are solely hers, two who are Stephen’s, and two others they took in after a family tragedy, for a total of eight.By day: She is the CEO and president of iFinance Canada Inc. and also an author, public speaker and supporter of Fashion Cares.By night: She parties with the rest of the women, but, given her responsibilities, is probably the first one to call it a night.Conflict potential: Moderate. Ann is a self-made business woman doesn’t suffer fools or pettiness gladly — though her sarcastic sense of humour often helps break up tension between the women.Words to live by: “Why be a golddigger when you can own the mine?”The Real Housewives of Toronto debuts March 7 on Slicelast_img

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