first_imgStay on target Truck Crashes While Hauling 130 Million BeesWorld’s Smallest McDonald’s Is Now Open (And It’s for … You might call this a successful sting operation. The New York Police Department’s beekeeping unit removed roughly 25,000 bees from the Staten Island Ferry terminal on Sunday.The bees swarmed a metal awning at the St. George Terminal, which serves the Staten Island Ferry, according to a tweet from NYPD Bees and an NYPD spokesperson. The NYPD arrived at the scene, and cordoned off the area with yellow police tape, so passengers can keep their distance from the colony.At the Staten Island Ferry to retrieve roughly 25k from an awning. Getting great assistance @NYPDSpecialops Truck 5 and PBSI ferry security unit. Lt Molinari made the discovery and the call.— NYPD Bees (@NYPDBees) August 5, 2019Not all the bees went without a fight, though.“I actually got stung,” Officer Darren Mays told the New York Times on Monday. “It happens. There’s a lot of people amazed. There’s a lot of people who are like, ‘I could never do something like that,’ and commended me for being brave.”NYPD Bees safely removed the bees from the scene, and no injuries were reported (aside from May’s sting).Just a follow up to the swarm at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal.— NYPD Bees (@NYPDBees) August 5, 2019The beekeeping unit at the NYPD is a special unit made up of two officers and sometimes a third with beekeeping expertise, according to the New York Times. It even has its own Twitter account for bee-related operations and updates.Mays, who had been beekeeping for 11 years, told the Times he had been stung up to four times out of the 30 to 40 times he had helped relocate a swarm. For the Staten Island Ferry Terminal operation, he wore protective netting and a white beekeeping suit top on Sunday and used a Colorado Bee Vac to suck up the bees.The NYPD’s bee team has been called for other high-profile bee operations. In July, officers responded to Yankee Stadium, where a swarm of bees occupied Monument Park in center field.I’d like to thank @Yankees for being such a classy organization for calling a beekeeper to come in and safely remove the honeybees and having them relocated. #mlb #Yankees #nypdbees #beekeeping— NYPD Bees (@NYPDBees) July 15, 2019Swarming is a honey bee colony’s natural means of reproduction. Bees choose nesting sites that are large enough to accommodate their swarm, well protected from the elements and receive a certain amount of warmth from the sun, and have a small entrance located at the bottom of the cavity.Watch: McDonald’s Unveils Tiniest Replica ‘Restaurant’ for BeesMore on Dame’s 180,000 Bees Survive Cathedral FireDoctors Find Four Bees Living Inside Woman’s Eye (And Feeding On Her Tears)Bees Can Do Basic Arithmeticlast_img

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