CCTV on Secret pig network CEO Zhu Mingyue ten years of entrepreneurship

May 4th, CCTV science and education channel 54 Youth Festival special program struggle – the most beautiful young scientists and workers with about more than and 13 minutes of the pig network founder, CEO Zhu Mingyue entrepreneurial story.

500 yuan venture into the Internet business reporter

in 2004, by the impact of the blog China, when he was the Chongqing evening news chief correspondent Zhu Mingyue attention to the new media, when I registered a blog, the main record of news events bit by bit". read more

Jingwei venture capital Zhang Ying the death of the project mostly because the founder of narrow mi

January 13th, in the micro broadcast easy to host the wind 2016 from the media summit, Jingwei China founding management partner Zhang Ying to do the theme of sharing.

Zhang Ying mentioned that China is now in transition, facing great difficulties, but the Chinese people’s desire for a better life, hard work, as well as the government’s push, so he is confident of China’s economic restructuring.

below is the full text of Zhang Ying speech:

talk about latitude and longitude: read more

Barberry church Zhang Tianyi 90 is now undertaking the red guards

recently recorded a file and two sessions related to the show, my label in the program is still set to "90 entrepreneurs"". However, the director of my performance is not satisfied, she told me that I was too cautiously, too deep, no young people like a sharp, 90.

I sighed, and asked her, how like a 90?

she told me that the last one there is a little girl after 90, very publicity. The little girl said she did not know nor care about the two sessions, she only cares about their partners and small business projects. The director said, this girl, after 90 state. read more

Technology stocks crash a lot of Unicorn non listed company is likely to be back to the prototype

Abstract: in 2016, the year of the monkey has come, when China people are celebrating the Spring Festival, a sweeping circle of science and technology stock market crash is coming. The most representative is that professional social technology company LinkedIn (collar British) fell 43.63% in February 5th, so that the entire technology circle shocked.

2016 year has come, when Chinese people are celebrating the Spring Festival, a sweeping circle of science and technology stock market crash is coming. The most representative is that professional social technology company LinkedIn (collar British) fell 43.63% in February 5th, so that the entire technology circle shocked. read more

nvestors are not stupid O2O project financing five big dark heart

Abstract: O2O project products and technology itself does not have much barriers, there is no need to fight three points: fight money, fight the user, fight the amount of trade. Financing is a problem that every O2O project will face.

2015, a large number of industrial capital flight, the influx of investment funds, more and more hot money, is China’s reality.

The development of

mobile Internet has sunk to two or three tier cities, entrepreneurial projects are also deep into the vertical, subdivision of the O2O industry. Financing is a problem that every O2O project will face. I’m not asking you to cheat, really tell you O2O financing can have the five dark heart. read more

Why more and more expensive Share the economy of continuous entrepreneurs to give such an answer

once as the car industry, I think the reason for this situation is now drops to send a single logical problems, lead to the guide and driver intentionally increase orders slow.

you may notice that this interface, when a taxi, the fare options on the default interface (and also increase a lot!), the user can choose to add different prices, but the platform will tell you the possibility of orders with different price, if one is not single, you can adjust the price called the car again.

platform planing to profit pressures, such rules will bring what incentive to both sides of the platform? The driver know users can repeatedly choose increases, so the driver to select the first answer does not increase the burden, he knew you couldn’t get to the car will improve the Italy with tips. So the result of this rule is that passengers repeatedly to increase the price to call the car, a waste of time, it is likely to pay more expensive money. Under this rule, the two sides will play "fancy game", but the result is both a waste of time (which is the most important parameter to maximize the efficiency of the taxi system), users spend more money, give the rules more profit space. read more

WeChat small program on line entrepreneurs began to race

at the beginning of October 2016, Wang Longhang found a change.

Engineer in his part-time platform to achieve online, there are a number of developers quietly updated personal information in the skills section to add a small WeChat program development.

After the November 3rd

small program to achieve online beta, there are already more than and 40 companies released the development needs of small programs. Wang Longhang said that his team is looking through a variety of channels to experience the small program developers. read more

Entrepreneurs in fact there are only four types of venture capitalists

research company CB Insights and KPMG audit and Consultation Service Co (KPMG) at the start of the year jointly issued a report, 2015 global risk investment reached $128 billion 500 million, which accounted for 30% in asia. So, who is in the hands of nearly $40 billion of funds, this paper concludes that the Asian venture capital investors can be divided into four categories, to see if you have any food,


have you ever had a camping trip? At night, in a tent, looking at the sparkling stars in the sky. Yes, this feeling is the same as entrepreneurs look at venture capital companies. read more

Lei Jun it is not people doing things are worthless dry

millet science and technology chairman Lei Jun, chairman of Wantong holdings and SOHO China Chairman of the board of directors Pan Shiyi (from left to right)


technology news news June 3rd, sponsored by SOHO China new phase of "Pan conference" in Beijing yesterday held at SOHO3Q, SOHO Chinese chairman Pan Shiyi, chairman of millet Lei Jun, chairman of MassMutual holding Feng Lun and entrepreneurs in a business dialogue.

on business sentiment, Jun pointed out, to tell the truth I think it is not a man to do, are worthless dry, a normal person will not choose entrepreneurship. Because the choice of entrepreneurship, chose a very painful life, stress, confusion, others do not understand or even despise, really can succeed just a few, the vast majority of entrepreneurs have become a paving stone. read more

520 marriage Tencent cloud to join the Hefei hi tech Zone send 10 million venture subsidies

May 20th, co-founder of exchange event, cloud Tencent and Hefei high tech Zone signed a framework cooperation agreement, the Tencent cloud base was officially settled in Hefei high tech Zone, for the enterprises in the park open industry with the largest free half half price + cloud resources. The two sides agreed to invest less than 10 million of the annual subsidy of resources to support the construction of the project for the 500 companies to provide access to Tencent ecosystem services. Scene, Tencent cloud also with local partners – Anhui in the valley of the cause of a science and Technology Park Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement for the Hefei high tech Zone to provide more professional services. read more