Do more profitable station adsense version

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It is very important to choose the content of

do stand. The best to choose their own love, also don’t choose too cold. You can refer to the GG keyword tool ( to determine the content of choice. If you want to do to lose weight site, but do not know what columns. By keyword tools know " " the keywords weight loss method; search in large quantity, so as to open a way to lose weight " " column. Add rich content, and is optimized for this keyword. In addition " & quot method; weight loss; the search volume keywords is the accumulation of the expansion by multiple keyword search. For example " " " method; exercise; " the most effective way to lose weight. So; to refine the key. Is to optimize the expansion of keywords. In a similar way to open more columns. You do this The flow of the site will not be less read more

How to make Taobao customers make money


customers as the name suggests, to help sell products users of Taobao customers, now more and more I joined in, do good people a week can do a few million, so how to do Taobao guest, we say that the technique is still there. Let me talk about the main steps to do Taobao guest.

1, the first to apply for a domain name, and a specific method of space, here is not to say, can apply for to all.

2, apply for Ali’s mother’s account, the choice of intelligent promotion, will become a piece of code, copy the code to the text, in order to save the HTM format. read more

Do not complain about not making money actually blame yourself

January 4th I had the privilege of successful submission on A5, many webmaster add my QQ and I exchange, the voice advertisement showed great interest in the webmaster, I thank those who communicate with me in here, let me learn a lot of things. However, I also saw more of the owners of the impetuous, you can say it bluntly, some webmaster can never do me like this. Don’t expect the pie in the sky, luck is the most uncertain factor, all success comes from hard work and don’t give up. I hate those to say they have this kind of advantage, have advantage if you do not, all in vain. Hinder you earn less money is not the biggest obstacle to creativity, skills, technology and other factors, but the vast majority of owners do not have a persistent heart. The rapid development of the Internet today, opportunistic and fewer opportunities to make money, money is nothing more than two points, or spend money first or the first output. In the process of communication with the webmaster, most of the owners are concerned about how much money I can now, but ignored the most important part, almost no one asked me how difficult it is to carry out business. I asked a lot of promotion skills is what skills are, I ride a motorcycle to play sound like businesses from door to door, my skill is often and local advertising companies to contact the feelings, you can do that??? If you can, I’m sure you even in a small town, early a month to earn 2000 yuan absolute no problem, you see the following day online than the Wangzhuan skill hundreds of times. read more

Share how to use Taobao single page program monthly income 2000

believes that Tao station friends know many famous cattle stations, such as the gem Tao home of Taobao, Taobao, 28 street, domestics etc.. These are the mom invited guest interviews, before this, their income although not in billboard, but the monthly income of 10000 yuan is not too difficult. Now, you can use Taobao off the contributing partners links to query their website, with the average turnover sites not much difference basically, things have the tide, the API access mode for Taobao guest website now seems to have to decline period. Baidu and other search engines began to ban the API access mode of station. Many guest station overnight by K. Fortunately, only a few pages have been included. Without the support of the search engine, there is no gold flow. It also affects the income of Taobao customers. This is one. Second, the API access mode is the product of the website Daquan model, there are some things in Taobao, almost all Taobao sites have. Then we think about it, with Taobao to buy things buyers have their own Taobao account, which is certain. They must know Taobao station, since it is so, why people do not stand to the Taobao official website to search to buy something, why in your station to buy things? If you are a buyer, you will go to the official website of Taobao. Third, the product Daquan model, high turnover is not necessarily high profit. Because the commission ratio of each product is not the same, you can check in Ali mother. Some products even less than 1 yuan commission. read more

Why some start ups are being bought but others are dying


Facebook and Yahoo and other companies will spend millions of dollars to buy some start-ups, while some start-ups are quietly dying No one shows any interest in,


in the operation of enterprises, the founder of the social relationship is an important factor, at least for hope acquired start-ups, sometimes "who you know" to be more important than what you develop products ".

22 year old Miller Josh, from the Princeton University to drop out of business, he founded a company called Branch. Because he and many well-known entrepreneurs have maintained a good relationship, such as Twitter co-founder Evan Williams and Biz Stone, etc.. Recently, the company was acquired by Facebook for $15 million. read more

Su Kang network should adhere to the bottom line to make money

search Jiang Hui: very sorry for irresponsible remarks in class today, this post, we can see the recent interest in the internal network for the exchange of money to make the moral bottom line argument. In the post, Jiang Hui publicly apologized for his inappropriate remarks, and the 5 outspoken students were rewarded. Su Dikang carefully read this post, and to ask friends carefully, in a clear sequence of events. Su Dikang believes that it should cause Wangzhuan the importance of peer network to make money ", should adhere to the moral bottom line". read more

CPM CPC CPA PFP and other sites to make money

A network media (Web site) will contain ten or even several tens of thousands of pages, on the network advertisement position and price involves the specific page and browse number. This is like the print media (such as newspapers) of the "position" and "Circulation", or radio media (television) "time" and "ratings" concept.

? Online advertising charges the most scientific way is according to how many people see your advertising fees. Pay per visit has become a common practice of online advertising. CPM (thousand people cost) refers to the process of advertising, to hear or see the average number of ads per person to share the cost of advertising. Traditional media use this pricing method. In online advertising, CPM depends on the "impression" scale, usually interpreted as the number of times a person’s eyes stare at an advertisement in a fixed period of time. For example, the price of an advertising banner is 1 yuan /CPM, which means that every time you see the of this Ban-ner, then received $1, so analogy, 10000 people visit the home page is $10. ?

As for how much each

with each click of a billing?. This method plus the click rate "WX") can limit the difficulty of strengthening cheating, and promote the optimal way of web site. However, these methods have a lot of business ads feel unfair, for example, although the viewer does not click, but he has seen the ads for these see ads without clicking on the flow. The site became a white busy. There are many websites do not want to do this kind of advertising, it is said, because the traditional media has never done so.

read more

Network marketing to promote the development of foreign Wangzhuan related training into a hot spot

China’s Internet from budding to maturity, is constantly developing rapidly. From all aspects of the entertainment, the Internet is integrated into work, learning, and with the traditional industries. On the Internet for high growth period, the development of network marketing is to follow the pace of the Internet striding development. The rapid spread of the network, the audience, the strong influence of the characteristics of more enterprises, individual entrepreneurs, webmasters see the prospects and importance of network marketing. With the help of network marketing, more industry is creating brand miracle. read more

ndustry giant Nuggets website alliance

      news yesterday, according to CNNIC data, in 2006 the number of domestic personal website has reached 240 thousand, an increase of 58% in 2005 is expected to 2009; the number will reach 420 thousand, accounting for 25% of the number of total domestic websites.

although the personal website of the number increasing, but the vast majority of owners are aged between 18-25 years old, the size of the site is generally between 2 to 4 people, and is also faced with capital, technology and other aspects of the problem." In the end, just before the "Chinese website super Adsense venture contest", insiders pointed out. "Many personal websites are a person in the operation, can not afford to hire a sales staff to operate the cost of advertising sales. The brand and the overall strength of the individual website fundamentally determines that they can not get many large companies advertising orders." read more

How did the founder of the company get paid for his own career

lead: to team members salary in order to keep him, and you take much salary in your company’s financial condition. Life is fine, but don’t act like a king.

founder of the company on track how to pay for their own?

yes, the company is yours, along with the risks, benefits, reputation, status are your. But specifically, how do you decide on your own salary, especially when the company is going through a period of life and death, and is starting to grow faster?

12 Silicon Valley founders share their own experience: read more