Taobao You must have these 7 skillsTaobao You must have these 7 skills

now, more and more young people do not want to work, turned to Taobao entrepreneurship. However, while giving up your job, you’d better make sure you have the following 7 basic skills to open a Taobao store.



others in the office talking when you at home in front of the computer, when people travel on your own computer, leave people out of eating at home in your own home in front of the computer, you know all the world from the computer, make new friends and fewer opportunities, bear lonely, you will be mad! read more

Talk about nternet money where is the roadTalk about nternet money where is the road

women are afraid to marry the wrong husband, afraid of the wrong man! This sentence is really deep! Estimates now do Internet friends, there are a lot of money and money are struggling in the edge! So why do you make money so hard? Or why you can’t earn money


I’ll tell you why! Now the Internet has not had the network, with the development of the Internet, the Internet is already a lot of people choose to make money, make money online with friends more and more money, the Internet become more and more standardized, the original is not fooled, deception to survive, so we cannot make money thinking always stay in the beginning of the state, we need to consider the future development trend of read more

The feasibility of commercial development of personal blog advertisingThe feasibility of commercial development of personal blog advertising

eyeball there are opportunities for civilian bloggers can rely on advertising to make money?

blog since 2001 and landed in the country, to 2005 "the arrival of China blog first year", "national blog" and "celebrity blog" fiery create amazing hits, the development of blog advertising may have. The emergence of blog advertising means that personal blog has commercial value, and the blog has entered the stage of commercial exploration. This paper focuses on the "personal blog advertising", by analyzing the advantages of personal blog advertising "compared with the traditional Internet advertising, the" face of personal blog advertising "the problem put forward the corresponding countermeasures and suggestions so as to draw the conclusion: the feasibility of commercial development of personal blog advertising. read more

How to plan websiteHow to plan website

write an article yesterday hour hard, did not expect to submit when did not succeed, then the text does not have its own save function. Oh, can only come today to write. In order to save your time. I’m going to write a little less today, to.

would like to talk about how to plan a website that can make money today, if you are a non-profit website, you can go to see other content.

a. a successful website (small sites, the same below), market research indispensable

to do a website, I feel not so easy, not casually done, and done before, to consider and study. We must first look into the market, such as a local portal (in this example, the author is drawn through the research results, the same below), now a large portal network portal accounted for the vast majority of the market, but we should not forget, even if a large portal accounted for a large market, but the small local portal, still has its market positioning, different, like the long tail theory. First, careful positioning of local portal, its user source is not a problem, but we need to do more detailed work is to refine the user group, according to the characteristics of the local users, divided into various types, and then look at the necessary, also the most important, then you can do the corresponding plate, this is not the blind. Here’s a question. More people to think about their own. read more

Discussion on the operation of the website 1 the way of the profit of local portalDiscussion on the operation of the website 1 the way of the profit of local portal

review: in portal website, industry website grow mature, local portal also began to warm up, local portal how to profit? To investigate the club website operation invited Shenzhen Information Port Niu and discussions on the abstract ideas.

bull introduction: inauguration of Shenzhen information port (, his friends called him brother or bull, cow cow. Computer training, enter the society for more than six years. In six years, has been inside in the Internet industry practitioners, as a real player, and to know and do not know the pioneers together to promote the domestic development of the Internet industry, and made some excellent application case. E-commerce, network marketing, website operation, profit model, SEO, personal websites and other fields have a certain research. read more

360 amnesty startups you have a good time360 amnesty startups you have a good time

360 itself has been hovering on the brink of giants. Its volume is far behind Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent three, but no one can kill it. If the three giants like the bears huge body, then 360 rather than a wolf, although the size is not big enough, but enough sharp, no one can put it to death.

Qihoo listed on the NYSE in 2011 after a short period of time the stock has experienced a trough. But in 2013 successfully bounced back and rushed to a higher position, fully demonstrated the Qihoo in the domestic profit model has been approved by the Wall Street. With the birth of the 360 search, the realization of the way is not limited to a browser, to bring more imagination to the capital market. read more

How to quickly establish a formal website to make money is a regular OhHow to quickly establish a formal website to make money is a regular Oh

First step – search phase – takes time: 1 weeks

– search related and SEO related knowledge and how to optimize and save them for 1 days.

– search related and the content of your website and preserved for 2 days.

– and a series of related search related with your website have similar content links and search engine for 3 days

– Search and related advertising alliance and their links are preserved for 1 days

second steps – establishment and preparation stage – 1 weeks

– buy 1 corn and 1 days from the data found in the free space can point to the site.The establishment of 5 advertising position and in other free space to your home page

– on your home page, and other page in your link to your home page. 6 days. read more

The influence of Electronic Commerce on MarketingThe influence of Electronic Commerce on Marketing

E-commerce refers to the use of electronic means of Commerce, trade and other activities, is the electronic business activities, networking and digital. Its emergence and rapid development have a profound and important impact on marketing. The correct understanding of these effects is of great significance for enterprises to adapt to the new environment, better market segments, the use of advanced marketing tools and methods to meet consumer demand.

, a change of the marketing environment

1, the market has become a global market. The electronic commerce to carry through the network, because of the open nature of the network interconnection, time continuous strengthening, shortening the distance, so that economic activity more and more to get rid of national boundaries, so that the market is rapidly becoming the global market, which for enterprises to provide a broad market potential, while the globalization market requests a kind of fast globalization market by means of marketing, network marketing. read more

Questioned the first video so deducted Adsense revenueQuestioned the first video so deducted Adsense revenue

I want to first exposure video advertising revenue

webmaster malicious deduction

is because I have not put home the first ten days of video advertising code. Every day 2 gross 3 yuan for a total of more than me. Don’t put the home page advertising code violations as time. The first video was deducted 80 yuan for months I work hard to get advertising revenue.. the 10 days I never login first video.. later once found on the mailbox.. the mailbox is because the wrong format did not clearly reveal what reason.. I rely on! Such things are not black alliance of.. read more

A good shirt dark horse the end of the event please check stationA good shirt dark horse the end of the event please check station


A good

send shirt is over, for advertising webmaster please check shirt. Thank you for your support! The dark horse alliance will continue to organize similar activities to bring benefits to all of you


dark horse alliance


if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address:

Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 5084047

for the first time to let you know the domestic league dynamic!

more union information: read more

Tea WeChat’s first pass through the minimalist gameTea WeChat’s first pass through the minimalist game

Project Profile:

minimalist game plot tension, but the game is not a long time. Generally about five minutes. And because it is a text reply game, so with the characteristics of time fragmentation. This game is not just a simple game back selection items, in the reasoning project, it also requires game player free recovery based on clues, fully use the brain cells by passive selection into active game player game player input.

project features:

1 game combined with WeChat public account without downloading and login read more

The network started to make money which are suitable to do Wangzhuan noviceThe network started to make money which are suitable to do Wangzhuan novice

online money is a new thing in recent years, refers to the use of the Internet to make money. According to statistics: more and more users through the Internet to earn money to earn a monthly income of 10000 yuan!

do network make money should have the conditions:

1, interest: interest is the best teacher;

2, a computer, and can access the Internet (non local area network);

3, a certain amount of time every day to the Internet;

4, character patience, perseverance;

5, you’d better understand a little English or be able to master English tools. (don’t know English also never mind, you can use Google Kingsoft read more

This is how the movie station makes moneyThis is how the movie station makes money

: a movie station on

of the world wide web, let the human (literally) what level of knowledge and the quality of life and everything you can imagine is a qualitative leap! As everyone knows the world wide web is a carrier of information dissemination, the carrier is like another world, " " let us in this world originally the real world wide.

by small change

so in the broader than the real world real world " ", also appeared in the US in the real world for the inevitable thing, such as the repetition of a skilled workers, like a kind of repetitive content sites, our movie station! There you can get a reasonable explanation of the. read more

Small and medium sites use advertising alliance to make moneySmall and medium sites use advertising alliance to make money

often browse the site to a friend must have seen " ads by Google " and " ", " Baidu alliance; alimama "and other words, this is advertising, it is the most chief source of income. Now at home and abroad, there are many advertising alliance in the country to do a better job, there are many well-known. In an era of increasing Internet users, we should not think about how to maximize the benefits of the use of advertising alliance.

advertising alliance is composed of advertisers, website owners and advertising alliance platform composed of three parts. Advertisers in accordance with the click of the online advertising to pay the site webmaster. Adsense is through advertising alliance platform, choose the right way to advertise their own website, and then hang up the advertiser’s ad to improve their income, that is, the flow of the site into their own income. read more

Three basic ways to make moneyThree basic ways to make money

since I was 18, I felt like I was starting to make money. Over the years, I have studied a variety of ways and means to make money, get to know a lot of really make money friends. Later, I summed up all the ways to make money in the following three simple ways:

1, selling services
2, selling products
3, engage in investment

1, selling services:

is working on selling services, providing website, providing consulting and training services for others is also sold. The biggest feature of selling services is: low cost! read more

Game site is more suitable for CPA AllianceGame site is more suitable for CPA Alliance

game station is not good to earn, because generally lower Google alliance price and click rate, now and in the past compared to income has shrunk nearly 30%, a few games at least I do stand is so, but there are not afraid of money flow, change may have new hope;

is now more than the alliance, such as milk wool, generally choose a few well-known, too much on the content of the negative construction, Baidu, Google is preferred;

Although Baidu

hits the ridiculously low price, is also not flattery, but it is beneficial to the website to obtain a good ranking, the Baidu advertising alliance, no matter what boss will give the point of care, this year who want to have a boss to cover it; read more

Blog will become a platform for e commerceBlog will become a platform for e commerce

When the Blog is becoming more and more popular, Blog also has not only their own writing and content publishing tools, but more and more with the personal portal or from the media means, so there have been blog sidebar company began to call your idea, I hope you put them in the widget blog (Chinese on how to translate the word only God?), such as my blog and I fly off voting watercress reading. On the other hand, in order to adapt to the characteristics of the blog, a variety of micro content aggregation services have emerged, such as the aggregation of product reviews, such as the convergence of classified ads. read more

85 months after the start to do tea sales 300 thousand like selling iPhone to sell tea85 months after the start to do tea sales 300 thousand like selling iPhone to sell tea


technology news October 14th noon news, Huang Taiji, Ma Jiajia, carved sirloin, West Man "Internet thinking" fried fire, so many of the original entrepreneurs words must talk about the Internet thinking and social economy, fans economy.

has such a 85 after the field of public relations marketing field of origin of the entrepreneur is particularly traditional". He made every brand’s first product black Anhua hand built Fuzhuan Tea since August 28th trial, no concept, no model, but at the end of September sales of nearly 300 thousand yuan. read more

Do some experience to download SkyDriveDo some experience to download SkyDrive

what is the profit of SkyDrive, is the user can upload interesting files to SkyDrive, and provide the download link for others to download, can be e-books, software, video, etc.. If you upload the file has been downloaded, then you can get the corresponding income. On average, $in revenue for each of the 1000 downloads. Specific income will depend on service providers, now offers SkyDrive Revenue Service on the network there are many domestic brands, thousands of brain, news 6, foreign Ziddu, hotfile, freakshare and so on. read more