5 secret why the poor dare not venture

poor is not to say that there is no ambition, in fact, many poor people also hope that through their own efforts to become rich. However, due to various constraints, the poor always have a sense of fear, because he never grasp their own destiny independently, there is no business experience, like never used a computer, for fear of an effort to knock on the keyboard is broken, or the Internet will encounter a virus. The following 5 words why the poor do not dare to venture.

1, the poor failing to love to say a gamble read more

How to determine the area of fast food restaurant

since it is fast food business, naturally need to determine the kitchen area. However, many entrepreneurs now even the kitchen area should be mostly unclear. So, fast food kitchen design is reasonable? Kitchen is a place to cook three meals a day, is one of the important areas of the food and beverage industry. As a necessary part of the fast food restaurant, how should we determine the kitchen area is the most reasonable?

according to information: fast food kitchen area to determine the general method of two. read more

Good idea of small business only eight points

small business project is in the business of compulsory slightly small business, a good project will be successful for small business, has the advantages of small business project is small investment, small risk, low cost. Here and look at the following small business projects. A hundred-percent motorcycle enthusiasts

23 year old British girl Rebecca launched the UK’s first personalized newspaper "you report" Co. ltd.. In this "private newspaper", the newspaper is no longer published in other newspapers on the shoulders of social morality of traditional news, but purely personal news. Customers can not only name and other personal information published in the newspaper, but also personal news stories, photos on the front page headlines. In addition to Christmas, birthday celebration and other common themes, more young people love the content is funny. This is more attractive than the civilian reality show to attract young people, ordinary people to help achieve the star dream way has been favored by more and more young people. At present, the company is able to print ten thousand copies of the customer’s weekly newspaper, the monthly turnover of up to $45000.

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nnovation Nanshan 2015 venture Star Contest Awards ceremony ended

domestic business environment is improving, many entrepreneurs aimed at Shenzhen, which is a as long as the ability, is full of unlimited prospects for development of the city. In Shenzhen, on average, every 26 people have a start-up company.

13 evening, Shenzhen innovation Nanshan 2015 venture Star Contest Awards ceremony was held in the Nanshan hall, dozens of square composed of more than a thousand people participate in the event, witnessed the birth of a new "venture star". Shenzhen City Kyrgyzstan Network Technology Co. Ltd. and high-end reverse osmosis desalination membrane and multifunctional membrane industrialization "and" high throughput liquid biochip detection system "won the championship final of the year growth of enterprise group, the start-up team group, innovation group. read more

Hand to teach you to open the jewelry shop

handmade jewelry is a lot of people like jewelry, investment in a handmade jewelry shop, site selection is very flexible, the operation is relatively simple, suitable for small business. How to open a handmade jewelry store? This is also placed in front of entrepreneurs in a problem, today we support a few strokes.

If a manual embroidery shop, on the one hand to sell their production of embroidery, on the other hand you can also open a embroidery club, find some simple tricks for girls to study, collect the appropriate fee. read more

Recalling the 2016 Nanjing housing market unpopular market regulation of the most difficult year

although 2016 has passed, but there is one thing in our minds is the price of lingering, that is, the rapid growth in house prices in 2016! In January 11th, the fifteen session of the Nanjing Municipal People’s Congress delegation group meeting, the Jiangning delegation to consider the government’s budget report and the draft, and the Nanjing City real estate bureau of the budget report. Nanjing City real estate Secretary Guo Hongding mentioned in the report, 2016 is the history of Nanjing prices rose fastest, the most popular market of the year, Nanjing is also the most stringent requirements of market regulation, regulation of the most difficult year, this year a total of Nanjing introduced 7 regulatory documents, in order to promote the healthy development of the property market in Nanjing. read more

Textile industry will usher in a busy and competitive cycle

  home textile industry will usher in a busy and competitive cycle. During this period, the major brands of home textile terminals will continue to carry out promotional activities. In this contest, the majority of home textile franchisee should pay attention to what? Xiaobian for everyone to sort out some points of attention.

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The overall wardrobe agent which good Sophia overall wardrobe

the pursuit of quality of life continues to increase, with the continuous improvement of our living standards, our living standards continue to become better. The advent of the overall wardrobe, no doubt, is our best choice. What about Sophia’s overall wardrobe? Good quality projects. Sophia joined the overall wardrobe items, what are you still hesitating?

Sophia to join the overall wardrobe to make money?

is now a whole wardrobe agent which is better? Sophia let people have to love, in the end of this brand has what characteristics? Sophia through the integration of the European headquarters of the closet sliding door design ideas, put forward the innovative "custom Wardrobe", the concept of opening and promote the industrialization development of custom wardrobe. After nearly ten years of development, custom wardrobe industry has gradually developed into a new segment of the furniture industry. read more

When the spring of college students coming

is now a variety of college students entrepreneurial incentives are constantly coming out, so that many college graduates have embarked on the entrepreneurial path. Especially in the graduation season, under the tide of innovation and entrepreneurship, in the Ministry of education, the Education Commission and the continued release of entrepreneurship policy, many college students choose to start their own business. However, an interesting phenomenon is that China’s college students tend to focus on the business of the food and beverage industry, the United States, like the United States as the Silicon Valley high-tech enterprises is still very small. read more

Tens of thousands of white collar workers to open a cake shop to do sugar cake

cake is a lot of people like to eat food, cake shop is everywhere, how to successfully run a cake shop? Let’s see how she does it! In Beijing, Yizhuang, an ordinary building, there is such a cake studio, it makes the whole floor filled with cake aroma. Open the CC CAKE cake custom studio door, wearing a towel, an apron with cake baker Liu Chundan, and her buddies in the kitchen busy, people like to see the famous "Kim Sam-soon love cake".

Liu Chundan said his love for the cake is innate, not only like to eat, but also like to do it yourself. "At first I followed a famous blog to make a cake." The cake was made her to the unit to colleagues, did not expect to be unanimously praised. "A lot of people who have tasted my cake ask me why I don’t shop?" This let Liu Chundan gradually moved heart. read more

Wuhan last week 7574 sets of commercial housing turnover

property market has been a hot topic of concern to the people. Today Xiaobian continue to bring the relevant information on the property market, it is worth mentioning that, Wuhan’s commercial housing turnover high, let us look at the following.

Central Branch of

China Index Research Institute of the Wuhan real estate market monitoring data show that after the centralized supply early last week (May 9th – May 15th), the Wuhan property market without additional supply phenomenon, at the same time, the market volume rebounded, last week turnover of 7574 housing units, an increase of 442 units, closing an area of 762 thousand and 900 square meters, an increase of 6.20%. read more

Join the little woman underwear money

now the underwear market is more and more hot, for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the underwear market, is a very wise choice. Quality projects, worry free business, it is worthy of trust! How about a woman’s underwear? Quality projects, worry free operation!

join the little woman underwear to make money?

join can not make money depends on seven aspects:

a good product

sells a product to sell, put the money back! This is a lucrative business! If the product is sold, more investment, greater efforts are of no use, want to make money, the game is fundamentally read more

Those micro business dark horse mask brand

2015 is the first year of micro operators, all kinds of masks settled in the field of micro business, to start a new market for the battle". In the micro business mask market this year, who will become the first sales? Worth looking forward to. Here inventory of micro business dark horse mask brand, these masks are likely to be elected.

TOP  1: "Invincible Eastern" innovation –

classic baiqueling

2014, Chinese first national brand also followed the trend of 100, settled in micro business, investment 1 billion, micro business customized products off the market quickly, read more

Primary school students due to the popularity of classical Chinese excellent performance pay attenti

Zhuzhou, a primary school students to write a classical Chinese and quickly became popular, the six grade students with a total of 40 minutes to write a composition of the classical Chinese writing of the 600 words, the importance of family education, causing praise.

1 4 in the morning, Zhuzhou city Tianyuan District Baihe Yu Hanrui primary school, the sixth grade students walk into the headmaster’s office, he adjusted the clothes, sitting upright on the sofa, a 11 year old peers mature speech and deportment. In one exam, more than Hanrui within 40 minutes to write a composition in classical Chinese form works expounding the importance of family education to the reading habit and the more than 600 word composition quickly became popular network. read more

Sichuan comprehensive innovation began to start

Since the reform and opening to the outside world, China’s economic development has made great achievements, especially in the areas of

. However, with the acceleration of economic globalization, the innovation of economic system is inevitable. This time, the State Council approved the relevant reform program, marking the full implementation of the reform and innovation in Sichuan officially entered the implementation phase of the trial. The highly anticipated test area, what is the life? The following and small series of specific understanding. read more

May wish to graduate 3 5 years higher success rate of entrepreneurship

innovation ability of Chinese students has been much criticized, and colleges and universities are seeking to break through the shackles of this opportunity. With the gradual advance of management activities, college graduates have a practice of innovative ideas for entrepreneurial opportunities.


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Shop name to be careful

is different from the store, if you want to change your name, and do not say to Industrial and Commercial Bureau for modification of the class, but also need to re sign, therefore, generally speaking, the store is the beginning of what name, unless the development is very negative, or not to modify the owner. But the shop can be different, if you want to change the name will be very simple. However, here Xiaobian remind you shop owners, shop name to be careful.

I often look at the Internet during the lunch break. read more

The air purifier to join shop how to display showcase

over the years, the problem of environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious, people have a great impact on the body, want to have a healthy life, air purifier is essential. Entrepreneurial projects offer brand stores, the store display will have to work hard to finish, the air purifier stores the same is true, as the air purifier appliances, how to do shop display? Xiaobian for everybody here about the introduction, I hope will give entrepreneurs bring some help.

Many methods of

display, in addition to display the store outside the window, and also should pay attention to, the air purifier franchise operators must be aware of the window design is to do the silent brand advertising, and window display to do, to do the following points: display to show season, the main reflect the brand image to show the advantages of the products, focus on the characteristics, or promotional products above, this is what I want to know the point directly to the main push or promotional merchandise? Do other brands of products display research, will display different brand and product advantages in the window to distinguish the main characteristics of the product, can highlights the advantages of products and content, to promote good brand. read more