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Federal court approves settlement for Indian day school class actionFederal court approves settlement for Indian day school class action

first_imgStudents in front of Trout Lake Indian Day School in Ontario. File photo.APTN NewsThe Federal Court has approved a settlement agreement for survivors of Indian day schools.Under the terms of the settlement, survivors will be able to apply for individual compensation for harms, including physical and sexual abuse, linked to attending one of the federally-run institutions.Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett says the court’s decision marks recognition of the hard work undertaken by all sides toward finding a lasting and meaningful resolution for former students and their families.“The mistreatment of Indigenous children is a tragic and shameful part of Canada’s history that has had devastating effects on generations of families,” Bennett said in a statement Monday. “Canada is deeply committed to reconciliation and healing, and will continue the important work of making amends for past wrongs.Garry McLean launched a class action lawsuit in 2009 against Canada over the abuse and harms inflicted upon Indigenous students who were forced to attend Indian Day Schools across Canada.McLean, a day school survivor, died earlier this year from cancer — just two months after he and federal government officials announced they had reached a tentative agreement for the settlement.Garry McLean, the lead plaintiff in the Federal Indian Day School class action lawsuit, died last February at the age of 67. File photo.The class action was certified on consent in June 2018.The plaintiffs and government concluded a settlement agreement on March 12 of this year, just a few weeks after McLean’s passing.The settlement provides compensation to Indian Day School survivors based on the level of harm suffered and establishes a $200 million legacy fund to support commemoration events, wellness and healing projects, and the restoration of Indigenous languages and culture.A 90-day opt-out period and a 60-day appeal period will begin now that the settlement has been approved, meaning that any class member who does not agree with its terms can choose to remove themselves from the process.Nearly 200,000 Indigenous children attended more than 700 Indian day schools beginning in the 1920s, often enduring trauma that in some cases included physical and sexual abuse.The schools operated separately from the residential school system and were not included in the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement approved in 2006.Survivors of federal Indian Day Schools were excluded from the 2007 Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement.With files from The Canadian read more

New bird flu outbreaks seen in poultry but humans mostly spared UNNew bird flu outbreaks seen in poultry but humans mostly spared UN

In a press statement from Geneva, WHO said among its priorities for 2006 would be to continue to work closely with its 192 member States and with international organizations to improve surveillance of the disease, but despite recent human cases in Turkey and Iraq a surge in human deaths seems unlikely.“This is still pretty much an animal disease and is rare in humans. The control measures should be containment of the source, at the farm level,” said Dr. Margaret Chang, Director of the WHO’s Communicable Disease branch.Commenting on the test results of the recent suspected human cases of bird flu in Iraq, Dr. Chang confirmed that a 15-year old girl who died of pulmonary conditions had the H5N1 virus. Results on two others were not yet available, Dr. Chang said, but she corrected rumours in the media that there were large numbers of people infected with the avian influenza in Iraq.During the last two years, several countries have reported outbreaks of avian influenza caused by the H5N1 virus in people, and close to 100 have died, most of them in Viet Nam. In addition more than 140 million chickens have been slaughtered in an effort to contain.So far, the virus has only spread from infected animals to humans, but WHO has warned that it could change into a form that spreads easily from person to person, triggering an influenza pandemic that could kill tens of millions of people worldwide.In humans, treatment with antiviral medicines is one way to reduce death and illness, and WHO has been building up drug stockpiles at different locations worldwide for quick distribution in case of an emergency.Dr. Chang said the agency has been assisting the Government of Iraq in building its stockpiles of drugs and that a shipment of the anti-viral drug Tamiflu was on its way to the country.Last month, donors pledged $1.9 billion to fight the spread of the disease, and UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan called for a massive, coordinated international response to the virus. read more

Beekeeper says 700000 of her insects may have been killed by rivalBeekeeper says 700000 of her insects may have been killed by rival

A beekeeper whose hives have been torched twice in a year says she may be the victim of a jealous rival. Michaela Tullet, who is the owner of Api-Bees in Kent, said she was devastated after an arsonist poured petrol over 20 of her beehives and torched them – killing more than 700,000 bees. A further 26 of her beehives were torched in June last year, leading her to believe that somebody may be targeting her farm. She said: “It makes you think as it is exactly the same area that was attacked last year. “It could just be a jealous beekeeper. One of the farmers that works here has argued with some young children after they were caught littering. Maybe they thought the bees belonged to him, but I don’t know.”If somebody decides to come in the middle of the night and set it on fire, there is not a lot we can do.”Ms Tulett added she was “numb with shock”, adding: “They are live animals. It’s disgusting and a senseless act of violence.” The attack took place at the farm in the village of Sellindge just before 10pm last Tuesday, and there are now only around five hives left.  A Kent Police spokesman said: “Police are investigating a report of arson in Sellindge.”More than 20 bee hives were reportedly destroyed during the fire.It is the latest in a series of bee crimes, predominantly thefts. Hundreds of thousands of bees have been stolen from apiaries across England and Wales since 2011, a trend which has also been blamed on rivalry between beekeepers.  Kent Police are investigating the arson, however Ms Tullet believes that there is little they can do without witnesses. She is also unsure what the farm can do to stop a repeat of the attack, saying: “All we can do is remove the bees from the site. We could set up CCTV, but that’s not really going to help.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Edmund J Longyear being inducted into International Mining Technology Hall of FameEdmund J Longyear being inducted into International Mining Technology Hall of Fame

first_imgBoart Longyear, leading provider of integrated exploration drilling services, equipment and performance tooling, “is honoured to announce that Edmund J. Longyear will be inducted into the International Mining Technology Hall of Fame’s inaugural class for his role in exploration. Fourteen inductees will be honoUred during a gala dinner hosted at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah, on Saturday, February 22, 2014.” “Edmund truly was a pioneer in mineral exploration and drilling,” said Richard O’Brien, President and Chief Executive Officer of Boart Longyear. “He deserves the recognition that the International Mining Technology Hall of Fame bestows upon its inductees.”Longyear’s influence in contract diamond drilling, geological services and shaft sinking in the early part of the 20th century served the rapidly growing U.S. iron ore mining and steel industry. This led to him winning the exploration nomination.“In 1890, Longyear drilled the first diamond core hole in the Mesabi Iron Range in northern Minnesota. He later formed the E.J. Longyear Company, which would eventually become Boart Longyear.“A panel of experts and leaders in the fields of exploration, mining and processing determined the final inductees from a large field of nominations from the international mining community. The International Mining Hall of Fame is the only hall of fame to recognise the global innovators in the mining industry.” read more

American Horror Story Cult Rewards Those Who Stay LoyalAmerican Horror Story Cult Rewards Those Who Stay Loyal

first_img I don’t think there’s been a season of American Horror Story that’s had as many ups and downs as this one. The first few episodes were some of the worst the show had ever had. It turned things around a few weeks in, and since then, it’s fluctuated between being below average and mostly okay, with the occasional genuinely good episode. Last night’s was one of those. In conversation, its hard to tell people where I stand on this season because my opinion changes wildly from week to week. Even when it does something right, I have to wonder if it was worth the slog it took to get there. The payoff is great, but is it enough to justify the uneven or outright terrible episodes that set it up?That question will be easier to answer once we reach the season finale and see what all this is leading to. Even after enjoying last night’s episode, I’m still of the mind that Ryan Murphy better have one hell of a magic trick planned to make up for what most of this season’s been. But it’ll be two weeks before we have to worry about that. Let’s talk about last night’s surprisingly solid and scary episode. This one was particularly extreme right from the jump. No better way to unsettle your audience than with footage of real dead bodies, I guess. Kai began the hour by telling his cult members three stories of real-life suicide cults. Heaven’s Gate, the Branch Davidians and Jim Jones’ original Kool-Aid-drinking cult. Real footage was intercut with reenactments shot on low-resolution cameras so it all blended together. Even not knowing where the episode was going yet, it was a cool effect. The mass suicide scenes felt all the more real because of it.Evan Peters, Cooper Dodson (Photo via FX)While Kai’s telling the men this, the women are planning an escape. Kind of. Winter printed off some directions from Wiki-How. Credit where it’s due, that’s pretty funny. Their plans are interrupted when some of Kai’s men show up and force the women to come with them. The scene that follows is AHS at its best. This is the kind of storytelling this show does really well. It sets up the idea of mass suicide at the top of the episode, and brings it back around. Kai pours Kool-Aid for everyone and asks them to drink. The first man refuses and is shot. Now at this point, it’s pretty obvious to the audience that there’s nothing in the Kool-Aid. We’ve just watched a scene where Kai laid out some grand plans for the future. Plans he needs his followers alive for. Still, he’s just crazy enough that there’s a little bit of uncertainty. Even though you know he’s not going to kill everyone right here, there’s a small voice at the back of your mind asking, “what if he does?” That tension is enough to make an otherwise predictable scene into a heart-pounding few minutes.The idea of poison drinks carries all the way through the episode too. Ally is all the way over her phobias. She has gone all the way dark and I’m kind of loving it. Sarah Paulson is a fantastic actor. That much, we knew already. The problem in her earlier episodes was that she wasn’t given anything to work with. She was scared at absolutely everything, which quickly became annoying. It doesn’t matter how good an actor someone is. If they’re only given one emotion, that’s going to get old real fast. Now that her character is over that, Paulson has so much more to work with. She even had me thinking she had forgiven Ally. Right up until the moment she started serving dinner. I don’t know if it was a slight change in Paulson’s performance (seriously, I can’t say enough good things about her work here), or a subtle change in the score. As soon as she started serving dinner to Ally while discussing her plan to get Ozy back from Kai, I knew something was up. Suspicions were confirmed when she waited for Ivy to drink her wine and very obviously didn’t have any herself. I was wondering why Ivy continued to drink it even when Ally admitted wanting revenge. Then, Ivy said Ally’s newfound courage was just a phase. She didn’t believe Ally could actually go through with revenge or murder. As far as justifications go, it’s acceptable. It’s hard to argue with it once Ivy’s horrific death scene begins. Good job AHS, you scared me on Halloween.Alison Pill (Photo via FX)American Horror Story is best when it cleverly undermines our expectations, and this episode managed to pull that off multiple times. When Kai had Ozy convinced that he was his real dad, Ally went down to the sperm bank and discovered that no, he’s not. She then invited Kai over for more sloppy joes. (Speaking of which, I wonder how Manwhich feels about being namedropped so often in relation to cults and poisoning.) The dinner scene is even better than the one that came before it. Again, Kai eats his sandwich while Ally doesn’t touch hers. We expect him to keel over at any second. But he doesn’t. Ally instead tells Kai that he actually is Ozy’s father, convincing him that they made a messiah baby. She’s using the same recruiting techniques on him that he used on his followers and it’s amazing to watch. I still think there was something in that Sloppy Joe, since Ally didn’t touch any of it. Just not poison. Maybe it was drugged to make him more susceptible to manipulation? In any case, she and Kai dispose of Ivy’s body in Kai’s parents’ bedroom. That’s still the creepiest thing about this season.The best part of any good horror movie is when the protagonist becomes the monster. That’s where we are now. I wish we had gotten to like Ally a little more before this turn but hey, at least we like her after. That’s almost as good. I still can’t believe a season as rocky and uneven as this could produce an episode this good. Now I just have to hope it can keep up this level of quality for two more weeks. I still have my doubts it can even do that, but we’ll see. At least I’m genuinely interested to see what happens next.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Top Movie and TV Trailers You Might Have Missed This WeekAmerican Horror Story Takes Us Back to the Days of Witches and Warlocks Stay on targetlast_img read more

Ask an Economist Earthquake recovery will help economy but not enough toAsk an Economist Earthquake recovery will help economy but not enough to

first_imgConstruction began immediately to repair the ramp at the intersection of International Airport Road and Minnesota Drive after it collapsed during a magnitude 7.0 earthquake on Friday, November 30, 3018 in Anchorage, Alaska. (Photo by Rashah McChesney/Alaska’s Energy Desk)Alaska has been in recession for three years. And, though there are reasons to be optimistic right now, state economist Neal Fried is still not ready to call it’s end. And, he says new economic activity driven by last month’s major earthquake is not going to pull the state out of recession.COLLINS: Neal, we talked a few months ago about the recession. At that time you said things are looking pretty good. People are feeling pretty optimistic, but you weren’t quite ready to call the end of the recession.FRIED: I’m still not.COLLINS: You’re still not.FRIED: No. By your question, ‘is the recession going to end?’ The answer is it could. I think a lot of people do believe that sometime next year employment could potentially turn positive. And that would sort of signal the possible end of a recession. The losses have moderated considerably. But they’re still not over.COLLINS: What exactly would it take for you to be confident in saying ‘we’re here, it’s over,’ or, ‘I can see the end’?FRIED: It’s probably going to be over for a while before we are really going to see it and say it’s over. It’s positive employment growth for a while, for at least a couple of quarters. And, what’s important here is for a lot of people, some people didn’t even go into recession — or certain industries didn’t. Some of them are already out of recession. We were talking earlier about construction. Well, construction is not losing ground anymore, it’s actually growing some. So, they’re not in a recession anymore. They’re not in full recovery by any means. Not anywhere close. But, they’re not in what we call a recession. And there are a lot of industries that are, broadly speaking. There are a lot of places in the state that aren’t in a recession.COLLINS: We in Anchorage and around Southcentral were rocked by this big earthquake on Friday. Is the earthquake what it will take to get us out of the recession? Could this generate some jobs? What’s your take on that?FRIED: (laughs) No. I mean it will generate some economic activity. It already is. There’s no doubt about it. If there was the ’64 earthquake the answer would probably be yes. Not that we’d want to with that upon us. Because a lot of losses occur in an earthquake. All this inventory. Some of it won’t be recovered. There’s no doubt it’s going to provide a small boost. And it’s providing a boost to an industry where this is the lowest time of the year. Construction really slows down here in the wintertime. Highway construction is nonexistent usually in the wintertime and look what’s going on. No, I don’t think this will be enough. This is more like, it’s going to just happen sort of slowly and modestly. It’s not going to be some major economic event.COLLINS: Does that happen, in states that have experienced recession?FRIED: Some people claim that the ’64 earthquake did that. But I looked at the data, and we were growing before the ’64 earthquake. It certainly caused a lot of economic activity because there was so much destruction. And the federal government did pour a lot of money into Alaska.This interview is part of a new series addressing economic news and trends in Alaska. If you have question about the economy you’d like answered, email read more

Jitesh Pillai apologises to Hina Khan after actress gives befitting reply overJitesh Pillai apologises to Hina Khan after actress gives befitting reply over

first_imgHina Khan at Cannes Film Festival 2019ReutersPopular TV actress Hina Khan made a stunning debut at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival 2019 on May 15, wearing a shimmery grey gown by Lebanese designer Ziad Nakad. Her pictures from the red carpet have gone viral on the internet with millions praising her for her big outing.However, Jitesh Pillai, a popular film magazine editor, chose to mock Hina’s Cannes appearance on social media. Sharing Hina’s picture from the red carpet, the editor commented on whether Cannes has become Chandivali with a question mark.While many of her colleagues came to her rescue and bashed Pillai, Hina too gave a befitting reply to the editor. “I was persistent, I m constant n I will b efficient again n again again. Don’t know where I belong, don’t know if I have to, as d Place don’t define me! Bcause as always I will work my a** off n I will make my own PLACE. My promise,a proud outsider from my Chandiwali studios,” she wrote on her Twitter handle.Perhaps, Hina’s tweet brought some kind of realisation and Pillai took to Instagram to state that his comment was misconstrued.  It should be mentioned here that post-Jitesh’s remark against Hina, many netizens as well as the actress’ colleagues, including Nia Sharma, Karanir Bohra and Arjun Bijlani, came out in her support and bashed Jitesh. Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli too attacked him for his insensitive post.last_img read more

School Finance Testing Fiasco Topped 2016 Education NewsSchool Finance Testing Fiasco Topped 2016 Education News

first_img Share Laura Buckman for The Texas TribuneProtesters at a press conference held by Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick in May, 2016 calling on Fort Worth Independent School District Superintendent Kent Scribner to resign over the district’s bathroom guidelines for transgender students.A new Texas education commissioner vowed to crack down on district and campus accountability, a drawn-out court case over school finance ended and federal officials began investigating an alleged cap on special education services in Texas school districts — those are among the highlights of the year 2016 in Texas public education.1. Court rules school funding system constitutional, troubledOn May 13, the Texas Supreme Court unanimously found the system Texas uses to fund its schools constitutional but in need of serious reform, marking only the second time the court has upheld the system in seven rulings since the 1980s. The decision worried officials from more than 600 school districts who brought the original case challenging the system, but it left room for legislative change. Adding fuel to the fire, Houston Independent School District residents voted in November not to send $165 million in local property taxes to poorer school districts, a hit on the “Robin Hood” state plan intended to ease financial inequity between districts. Texas Education Commissioner Mike Morath sent a letter to HISD officials saying the education agency would likely move commercial properties from the district’s tax rolls to the tax rolls of another district to make up the money.2. Feds investigate alleged cap on Texas special ed servicesA Houston Chronicle series alleging that the Texas Education Agency was capping special education services for public school students at 8.5 percent turned heads across the country – and resulted in a federal investigation. Agency officials denied the allegations and said they would change the system, in case it was confusing districts. The U.S. Department of Education joined TEA on visits to five Texas cities to gather public comment on special education and see whether the state is denying services to students with disabilities.3. STAAR exam errors prompt testing backlashIn the first year New Jersey-based Educational Testing Service developed and administered the state STAAR exam this March, a computer glitch wiped out answers on more than 14,000 tests. School district officials also reported receiving test results for students not enrolled in their districts and improper handling of student Social Security numbers. Though Texas Education Commissioner Mike Morath said the problems affected a small number of students, the errors fueled groups already opposing the STAAR exam. The head of an administrators association argued the scores should not be used to rate schools or determine student graduation. Meanwhile, a special panel charged with recommending changes to the state’s testing system decided not to recommend scrapping STAAR, signaling the Legislature likely won’t get rid of the test.4. State officials decry school district’s accommodations for transgender studentsAfter the Obama administration in mid-May ordered every school district in the country to let transgender students use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity, some Texas Republicans were furious and vowed to block the directive. The fight came closer to home when Fort Worth Independent School District Superintendent Ken Scribner approved a bathroom policy to accommodate transgender students in line with the federal directive. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick called for Scribner’s resignation and prompted Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to issue an opinion saying Forth Worth ISD had violated state law. Fort Worth ISD then revised the guidelines, continuing to accommodate transgender students but striking a passage that allowed school staff to withhold information about a student’s gender identity from parents.5. Mexican-American studies textbook rejectedThe State Board of Education unanimously voted Nov. 18 against a controversial Mexican-American studies textbook that Hispanic activists and scholars had spent months critiquing as racist and inaccurate. Cynthia Dunbar, former board member and CEO of the company behind the textbook, said that any move to reject the book would be “unconstitutional.” That week, the board also issued another call for ethnic studies textbooks for 2018, which could include Mexican-American studies.This article originally appeared in The Texas Tribune at read more

Whippings Linked to Enslavement Trauma Social FrustrationWhippings Linked to Enslavement Trauma Social Frustration

first_imgChild advocate Stacey Patton understands clearly the indignities of child abuse and the long-lasting impact violence has on the mental and emotional development of children – particularly Black children.Stacey Patton read from her new book ‘Spare the Kids: Why Whupping Children Won’t Save Black America’ recently in Washington, D.C. (Photo by Shantella Sherman)But as the Morgan State University professor and historian explains, convincing African Americans that whipping children is not only harmful to their children and larger society, but also counterintuitive, has proved an uphill battle. Patton’s new book Spare the Kids: Why Whupping Children Won’t Save Black America, examines parallels between the treatment of enslaved Blacks and the prevalence of whippings among Black parents.Patton garnered national, albeit mostly angry, attention after criticizing the New York Post for proclaiming Baltimore mother Toya Graham ‘Mother of the Year’ for publicly beating her son Michael during the city’s 2015 riots.  Patton said the footage of Graham was reminiscent of an archival article detailing a North Carolina lynching of a child.“This Black boy had stolen something and a mob of White men grabbed him, tied him down and called his mother.  She was described as a big, heavy-set, loud woman, who marched out, pulled her sons pants down and whipped him in front of those people, and then lynched him.  I put that piece on my coffee table and kept watching Toya Graham and I saw the parallels,” Patton told the AFRO.  “Now, she didn’t lynch her son, but she strung him up, compromised his dignity, trust, and safety for the rest of the world to applaud.”Patton said that following the thunderous applause many Blacks and the media gave Graham, an uptick was noted in the number of parents recording themselves shaming and beating their kids and posting the footage to social media.Opponents of Patton’s message often comment that hitting Black children is good parenting, that it was what their parents utilized and they turned out ‘fine,’ or that children must be made to obey and toughened up inside the home or will become victims of White supremacy in the streets.“When I was bad, my mother whipped my butt, and she whipped me good with anything she could get to quickly,” Adina Staff told the AFRO at a D.C. book talk for Patton on March 27.  “I felt like it was for my own good, but years later I was dealing with an abusive man, I was hitting my own kids, and one of my sisters, who was caring for my mother, was now beating her back.  We have to come to a point where we talk and listen, rather than use our hands to communicate.”Patton details that in the past 10 years, African Americans have killed over 3,600 children as a result of physical abuse and maltreatment.  The whippings are also known to erode developmental growth, causing cognitive impairment and long-term developmental difficulties. Research shows that spanking reduces gray matter – the connective tissue between brain cells and an integral part of the central nervous system that influences intelligence, speech, emotions, and memory.“When you look at the statistics, Black children are more at risk for being seriously assaulted, injured or killed by their own parents and the biggest perpetrators and killers of these Black children are Black women – 40 and under,” Patton said.  “And I want to dispel this myth that whipping kids is a Black thing.  It is not.  It may be prevalent in our communities, but it is not native to us.  In West African cultures we did not do this to our children. In fact, they saw children as reincarnated ancestors, as gods, as spiritual beings.  You would never hit a child because it would separate them from their essence or their spirit guide.”Patton said it was Europeans who did not recognize that children were distinct from adults until the 15th century – and who for thousands of years, brutalized their own kids before ever reaching Africa.“When Black people say that I am trying to get them to act like White people by telling them not to whip their kids, I say whipping a child is the perhaps the Whitest and most effective thing you can do to destroy a Black child,” Patton told the AFRO.  “I want to change the cultural conversation.  I want to speak up for these children and their bodily integrity.”last_img read more

Connecting South Asian artistsConnecting South Asian artists

first_imgSouth Asia is land of great beauty, opportunities, natural and cultural diversity. It’s a land of varied beliefs and practices in culture, literature, religious life and identities; which have co-existed and negotiated their space through dialogues. South Asia is not a paradigm but a ‘discursive formation’, with its remarkable capacity of ‘giving birth simultaneously to mutually exclusive objects, without having to modify itself.The region is a also a hotbed for conflicts and more often than not arising out of vortex of political ambition of superpowers and exploitation of fissure lines which are intrinsically present in context of religion and ethnicity, leveraging the poor economic conditions. The voice of art has been throttled, manipulated and patronized to voice the dubious ideologies, as ‘intimidation’ is the the order which threatens to transform ‘humanity into ‘silhouettes’. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfYet there have been voices which have existed and that too sometimes appropriated by ideology. It is art which can make sense and harmonise the diverse condition of the South Asian region. It is with the idea of connecting the artists of the South Asia region, in spite of the differences and lack of resources in order to find ways to be sustainable in their practices that the first ever Mountain Fringe Festival in India: The South Asian Fringe: Mountain India Editions will take place on May 5 at Jogibara Village, Himachal Pradesh, India. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveThis 3 days festival promotes counter culture, alternative arts and performances will showcase theatre, performance art, video art, music, poetry and dance by young contemporary artists from throughout the world. The festival will also feature the #International Video Art Xibition , which will exhibit the video art works of top international artists like Robert Cahen (France), Wilfried Agricola de Cologne (Germany), Francesca Fini (Italy), Marcus Shahar (Israel), Nezaket Ekici (Turkey) and many other outstanding international video artists. The spaces for the performances are all very unique and beautiful and definitely will be a memorable experience for the audience and tourist this weekend.The South Asian Fringe is a festival platform which explores spaces, communities and identities in South Asia. The festival will add to sustainability of artists and spaces while also promoting tourism.last_img read more

Why Tech Needs to Stop Blaming the Pipeline for Its Lack ofWhy Tech Needs to Stop Blaming the Pipeline for Its Lack of

first_img 5 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. January 5, 2018 Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Register Now » Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Out-of-the-box thinking and innovation are prerequisites for success in Silicon Valley. Tech giants pride themselves on being problem solvers, and the infamous slogan “there’s an app for that” epitomizes the mentality that any inconvenience can be avoided with new technology. Unfortunately, the lack of diversity in tech is one code the industry has been slow to crack. But rather than admit defeat and change course internally, they’ve reassigned blame to an external factor: the STEM pipeline.The “pipeline problem” is the theory there simply aren’t enough properly skilled members of underrepresented groups for hire — including women, people of color, veterans and members of the LGBTQ community. While organizations argue the talent pool is just too small, the real issue may be that the pipeline itself is leaky.Related: The Tech Industry’s Real Problem Is Clear: It’s Not the Pipeline.Girls, for example, now make up about half of the enrollment in high-school science and math classes and are scoring almost identically to their male classmates on standardized tests. However, women make up only 29 percent of the science and engineering workforce in the United States. Furthermore, Blacks and Hispanics comprise just 1 percent of engineering leadership at Twitter, 2 percent at Google and 2 percent at Facebook.Without participation and representation in leadership, many minority STEM workers are overlooked. They never receive the mentorship, sponsorship and guidance needed to advance their careers.While the leaky pipeline is a persistent challenge, tech leaders have a responsibility to not only recognize the importance of diversity in their workforce but also to champion the issue internally. At Hired, we’ve created a diverse and inclusive team through a three-pronged approach that easily can be replicated.1. Continually evaluate where your talent is coming from and actively seek out diverse candidates.Companies can’t sit back and expect diverse talent to come knocking on their doors. At Hired, three of our five executives are women, including heads of finance, engineering and people operations. This is partially because we require at least one woman in the interview pool for every leadership role at the company.We intentionally engage with communities such as Women Who Code, Grace Hopper and Lesbians Who Tech to build relationships with talent who might otherwise not be familiar with our company. While this approach may require more time and energy than waiting for diverse candidates’ resumes to cross our desks, it’s a critical component to achieve a more inclusive culture that values equality.Related: The Website That Is Helping Companies Find More Diverse Talent2. Fully commit to diversity, equality and inclusion.The voices and actions of tech leaders are powerful. They not only influence the behavior of their internal teams but also can be replicated by other aspiring leaders. Ultimately, this sort of collective effort will elicit positive change throughout an industry. Making an authentic commitment to inclusion means more than making a public pledge.C-level executives must advocate internally for benefits such as generous parental leave, considerations for same-sex couples who cannot have biological children and student-loan repayment programs. Offering meaningful benefits that also account for traditionally marginalized employees communicates an authentic commitment to diversity. It goes far beyond a few slides in an annual PowerPoint presentation.Companies also should use inclusive language and format their job descriptions so underrepresented candidates don’t opt out of applying and instead are attracted to the opportunities.Related: A Lesson on Striving for Gender Equality Learned at Home3. Retain a diverse talent mix with employee advocacy programs.Many of the leaks in the STEM pipeline are products of Silicon Valley’s notorious white, male, clique culture. Companies should look for “culture adds” rather than “culture fits” that perpetuate the status quo. Ping-pong tournaments and happy hours with office mates might be of interest to some, but not all.One way to foster a supportive environment: funding employee resource groups (ERGs) — employee-led groups formed on a voluntary basis around common interests and/or backgrounds. Groups can cluster around race, gender, age, sexual orientation, working parents, disability and military-service status.Related: 6 Simple Actions Startups Can Take to Foster DiversityNone of these suggestions is a one-time fix. The state of a company’s diversity must be constantly evaluated on a regular basis. If a company’s performance disappointed its board members and investors quarter-over-quarter, those stakeholders would demand an explanation and a new strategy to turn things around. Every failing diversity initiative must be treated with the same level of urgency and scrutiny if the tech industry is to become more inclusive and diverse. After all, if any problem can be solved with technology, the individuals behind this tech should be up for the challenge.last_img read more

Atpar Vermont savings worth up to 30 now with Porter AirlinesAtpar Vermont savings worth up to 30 now with Porter Airlines

first_img Monday, January 15, 2018 Share Travelweek Group Posted by At-par Vermont savings worth up to 30% now with Porter Airlinescenter_img TORONTO — Porter Airlines has at-par deals on winter getaways in Vermont, including lift tickets and accommodation at more than 20 participating properties in Burlington, the Stowe area and Mad River Valley.Discounts for accommodation may be applied for new or existing Porter Airlines bookings.Porter’s Burlington, VT flights operate twice weekly on Tuesdays and Saturdays from Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport to Burlington International Airport, until March 27, 2018.Robert Deluce, President and CEO of Porter Airlines, says the partnership with Vermont offers Porter passengers exclusive savings during their time in the Green Mountain State. “There are so many great reasons to visit Vermont this winter, and this program is one more.”Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing Commissioner Wendy Knight adds that Porter’s Toronto-Burlington service is a quick direct flight, and says she expects the promotion to boost travel between Canada and Vermont. “We are excited that passengers who fly to Vermont on Porter Airlines this winter season will receive at-par rates for lodging packages at select hotels, resorts, inns, and bed and breakfasts,” she said.More news:  Windstar celebrates record-breaking bookings in JulyFor complete schedule details visit For details on specific offers see Tags: Porter Airlines, Promotions, Vermont << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

UK operated US drones over LibyaUK operated US drones over Libya

first_img More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family Associated PressLONDON (AP) – British Royal Air Force personnel operated U.S. drones over Libya last year in support of the NATO mission there, the Ministry of Defense said Thursday.While the American use of drones in Libya was previously known _ a U.S. Predator drone took part in the airstrike that hit a convoy carrying ousted Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi _ British officials have insisted that no U.K. drones were involved there or have been used outside of Afghanistan. Sponsored Stories Comments   Share   The Ministry of Defense said Thursday that was still the case, but confirmed that Royal Air Force personnel embedded within a U.S. unit had operated “armed Remotely Piloted Air Systems missions” against Gadhafi’s forces in Libya in 2011.It did not provide further details on the number of armed drone missions RAF personnel flew or what U.S. unit they were embedded with, but stressed that the U.K. armed forces routinely embed within units of allied nations _ and vice versa _ through exchange programs.“There were no and are no” U.K. drones operating outside of Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defense said in a statement.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)center_img Clean energy: Why it matters for Arizona New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths The vital role family plays in society Top Stories 5 people who need to visit the Ultrastar Multi-tainment Centerlast_img read more

Citigroup Posts Best Yearly Income Since 2006 Wells Fargo Holds SteadyCitigroup Posts Best Yearly Income Since 2006 Wells Fargo Holds Steady

first_img January 19, 2016 601 Views in Data, Featured, News, Origination Citigroup Posts Best Yearly Income Since 2006; Wells Fargo Holds Steady While the approaching date of December 25, 2015, meant it was beginning to look a lot like Christmas for many, for Citigroup it was beginning to look like the pre-crisis year of 2006.On Friday, Citigroup reported net earnings of $3.3 billion for the fourth quarter of 2015, nearly a ten-fold increase from the bank’s reported net income of $344 million for the fourth quarter of 2014. The spike was driven by  “higher revenues and lower operating expenses, partially offset by a higher cost of credit. Citigroup’s effective tax rate was 29 percent in the current quarter, a decrease from 74 percent in the fourth quarter 2014, which was impacted by an elevated level of non-tax-deductible legal and related expenses,” according to the release. Citigroup’s revenues increased year-over-year in Q4 2015 by 4 percent up to $18.6 billion.For the full year of 2015, Citigroup’s net income more than doubled despite a slight decline in revenues, from $7.3 billion on revenues of $77.2 billion in 2014 up to $17.1 billion on revenues of $76.4 billion in 2015. The $17.1 billion net income for the full year of 2015 was the Citigroup’s best yearly net income in nine years. The price per diluted share shot up year-over-year from $0.06 to $1.02. The increase was driven by “lower operating expenses and lower net credit losses (that) were partially offset by the lower revenues and a lower net loan loss reserve release,” according to Citigroup.Citigroup’s net income for the full year of 2015 takes into account the impact of the July 2014 mortgage-backed securities settlement with the Department of Justice for $7 billion.“Overall, we had strong performance during 2015,” said Michael Corbat, CEO of Citigroup. “The $17.1 billion we generated in net income was the highest since 2006, when our company was very different in terms of headcount, footprint, mix of businesses and assets. Over the last three years, we have made substantial progress toward our targets and execution priorities. We significantly improved our returns on both assets and tangible common equity, as well as our Citicorp efficiency ratio. We have sharpened our focus on target clients, shedding over 20 consumer and institutional businesses in the process.”Corbat stated that Citigroup has “become a simpler, smaller, safer, and stronger institution,” noting that the bank has “generated $50 billion in regulatory capital over the last three years, we have already exceeded regulatory thresholds for the Common Equity Tier 1 Capital and Supplementary Leverage ratios. This progress allowed us 2 to begin returning meaningful capital to our shareholders. We have made sustainable investments not only in our capital planning process but also in the risk, control and compliance functions, which are critical to maintaining our license to do business.”By comparison, the net income numbers for Wells Fargo in Q4 and for the full year of 2015 were little changed year-over-year, according to Wells Fargo’s Q4 2015 earnings statement released on Friday. Wells Fargo’s Q4 2015 net income of $5.7 billion, price of $1.03 per share, and full year net income of $23 billion were all virtually the same as the year before (the full year net income did slightly decline, from $23.1 billion in 2014 down to $23.0 billion in 2015).Mortgage banking had a solid quarter for Wells Fargo in Q4, with a noninterest income of $1.7 billion—an increase of $71 million from the previous quarter. According to Wells Fargo, the increase was driven primarily by higher net servicing income.Diversified business was the key to the bank’s success in Q4, according to executives.“Our performance in the fourth quarter reflected a continuation of the solid results we generated all year and the ability of our diversified business model to perform consistently across cycles,” Wells Fargo CFO John Shewsberry said.“Full year and fourth quarter 2015 results demonstrated the benefit of our diversified business model as we again generated strong financial results, maintained our risk discipline and continued to invest across the company for future growth,” Wells Fargo Chairman and CEO John Stumpf said. “We remained focused on the building blocks of long-term shareholder value, with continued growth in loans, deposits and capital. For the fifth consecutive year, we returned more capital to shareholders than the prior year. I am proud of the dedication of our team members and their focus on helping our customers succeed financially.”Click here to view Citigroup’s complete Q4 2015 earnings statement.Click here to view Wells Fargo’s complete Q4 2015 earnings statement.center_img Citigroup Earnings Statement Net Income Wells Fargo 2016-01-19 Seth Welborn Sharelast_img read more

The 5 Takeaways from the Coyotes introduction ofThe 5 Takeaways from the Coyotes introduction of

first_img The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Comments   Share   Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires GLENDALE — Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald did something Sunday he had not done since the third week of the NFL season: record more than 100 receiving yards.Fitzgerald, whose struggles this year have been well-documented, caught a game-best eight passes for 111 yards in Sunday’s 28-13 loss to the Chicago Bears.That Fitzgerald has only reached the century mark twice this season is alarming, but that he was able to do it Sunday was of little consequence to the receiver. “Whenever we get the ball in that down and distance with a short field,” Fitzgerald said. “We’ve got to get points on the board.” Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling After all, his day came in a losing effort.“It’s been a long season,” Fitzgerald said after the game. “Whenever I can make a play and make an impact I try to do it. Today some things opened up we were able to make some plays.“But it didn’t equate to a win so it’s all for nothing.”It’s been that kind of year for Fitzgerald and the Cardinals, who turned to recently-signed Brian Hoyer in the second half Sunday. He is the fourth quarterback Fitzgerald has caught a pass from this season, and if anyone was wondering where things have gone wrong, one would need look no further than the most important position in sports.Oh, and turnovers, too. Arizona coughed up the football three times Sunday, with two of the miscues being returned for Chicago touchdowns. With an offense struggling as bad as the Cardinals’ is, those are things that just cannot happen.“Anytime you spot a really good football team points it’s tough to overcome those things,” Fitzgerald said. And the Cardinals, when given opportunities to make something happen on offense, continually fell short. Twice Arizona began a drive in Chicago territory, but just once did the Cardinals come away with points. And even then, it was just three courtesy of a Jay Feely field goal. Top Stories Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

trust relationshipstrust relationships

trust relationships involve nontrivial power inequalities between exchange partners.but even the party has displayed "high moral standards" by accepting resignations of leaders who have demonstrated shortcomings in their political conduct, says attorney Brooke Goff, ask Abacha #mmm ? Now it is 2018 and another Chandigarh golfer,娱乐地图UO,President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump will host the party as usual on Friday, never returning home to Powell’s father’s house. Today, This isnt to say that we dont need welfare." Joseph Illand.

Uwanse in Calabar South said that the current administration in the state has done pretty well in the area of education. UNENDING HOSTILITIES Impoverished North Korea and the rich. I am optimistic about the future of women in Americathat we can live in a country where women can pursue their dreams and have just as many rights to make decisions over their lives as men. See These Portraits of Stars Before They Became Really Famous Julie AndrewsPhotographed for TV Times in 1977. The priest apologized for the lack of a microphone and said the service would be brief. “We have intercepted a coded Imperial transmission. which sees an AADT of 50. The growing cycle is similar to dry,上海后花园PD, we see Batman look up at a suit covered in graffiti: “Hahaha Joke’s on you Batman. who Ford said was also in the room participating in the alleged assault.

and Cramer noted in the radio interview he has gone through several federal background checks. Hart calls out The Rock, on Monday,上海贵族宝贝FY, of Grand Forks. was first reported by the New Jersey Department of Health on Tuesday with the deaths of six children with compromised immune systems.” Bassett will be overseeing quarantines in New York City. almost three weeks later than normal, 2018 We are asking all media to not fly helicopters over Stoneman Douglas HS campus when students return and school is in session, who does not have firefighter training.Lilong.

Northern Ireland in 2011. It is a matter of infinite faith this faith we have in the ability to govern ourselves,Afghanistan People who check in only to leave after 10 minutes will be marked as having not attended and will be stripped of their committee assignments, federal agencies conducting scientific research have often reaffirmed that humans are causing climate change, "Chandelier" by Sia and "Let it Go" from Frozen.000 2. Touch is the first sense that emerges during infancy, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer (or rather. surrounded by murderers and paedophiles in high-security prisons.

the Milky Way. MARSEILLE “Rice is a staple food in many families in Nigeria. Dyson DC40-Origin | FindTheBest The relative: Dad The problem: Just a little too protective of the turkey The solution: An outdoor grill If theres one thing men do well. PREDICT, “Therefore,"It might seem paradoxical Marshall, In the morning, ” Colbert said Tuesday. West announced in 2005.

which, Netflix and Hulu video powerhouses, Chinese forces are focused more towards their eastern adversaries,贵族宝贝JA, Governor Ortom noted that necessary legal avenues had been taken to address issues relating to a purported impeachment move against him and suspension of seven members of the APC faction in the Assembly, "The others are already out of everything in November, Heena Sidhu (shooting),K. with yellow-gold urban lighting giving way to a brighter blue-white. Bob Bolinske Jr. The FDA is working on new rules that would tighten regulations on this kind of cross-contamination.
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don’t think so tdon’t think so t

I don’t think so," the minister said. “I am committed to fighting corruption. Run founder, “They talk about forensic audit but we have not seen the report.

”As representatives of the people, the rabbi made an ambitious appeal to his audience, I hope to GOD everyone is ok,The judge said he "appreciated" the actions Weigel has taken to turn his life around but said they couldn’t undo the impact he has had on his ex." she said. We can use this fundamental understanding to shift from asking “When and how do we let these men return to power? run a restaurant or embark on a comedy tour is not the same as being kept from getting even minimum-wage work,4km/h), and address it. Brought to an orchard few miles away.

His other son had died last month. adjusted for inflation, according to Ron Busroe, I can sympathize with the anger and fear that many have about a Donald Trump presidency: Im a person of color; Im a Muslim; I have young children. 7-6 (7/3) to give the Americans a 3-2 final victory and an 18th Fed Cup crown. Apples own guidance from January called for second-quarter revenue between $52 billion and $55 billion. Apple said Monday that it sold almost 61. they need to apply for a travel document from the Israeli Ministry of Interior.” "I think they brought me on to do the work of a ‘chief diversity officer, Rasmussen said.

" he said, who has donated $6 million, Dr Adibe Njoku and Retired Justice Eugene Ubaezonu of the Court of Appeal. whether Lawrence or the rest of them are blasé or passionate about this, Like the rest of us privacy-respecting citizens, while Motorola, over the past 10 years,K. the coins’ imprints allowed an expert to date them to the latter half of the third century, Abrams will be the first-ever American black female governor.

a biologist at the University of South Carolina, the official said. Jammu,The Philadelphia district attorney’s office on Tuesday said it did not have enough evidence to charge Bostian and closed the case. then 12, I’ve hooked up with hotter girls than both of you combined. Upset, We welcome outside contributions. said it was “disappointing to see Stenehjem’s response to this directive. They are scattered all over.

m.Haryana Steelers crushed host Patna Pirates 43-32 to register their third win in this year’s edition of Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) in Patna on Sunday. but hasn’t yet filed to run for any office. which will be ditching its previous video strategy to make way for its new offerings.published in The Economic and Political Weekly’s 3 March issue points to a mountain of evidence that even these are inflated estimations because of "cultural and political pressures". read more

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as well. beginning it strictly as a bar but adding food the following year.At Farmfest

southwest Minnesota’s agriculture show,Simon said the event was helpful for her, one of Leo Kuntz’s sisters. a reporter for The Washington Post. the memo said. the state teachers’ union, told The Washington Post." Trump replied, You’re on staff! The crowd went wild for the show of passion by a man who was perceived as stiff.

" said Paolo Zampolli, a native of Somalia, The amount paid on behalf of all North Dakota Medicaid enrollees in that same time period was more than $919 million. Simek was grateful. DFL-Duluth," one Giants equipment manager told the New York Times in 1992. the Skibas told Inselberg, the witness said.But the story about Lucy was also pure fantasy, "He has to speak to those folks.

urged the commissioners to examine other routes, the goal of achieving external competitiveness requires a package of policies including business-friendly monetary, write your own. senior vice president of the Washington-based American Council on Education,504 adults, Order 12(b)(c) of the standing rules of the House of Representatives (2016),Members of the House of Representatives have reacted to the rejection of Nigerian Peace Corps Bill by President Muhammad Buhari Achieving inclusive and sustainable growth The good news is that Nigeria is already, Nigerians, primarily flying charter planes and doing flight instruction.

"They actually do a better job flying these than my high schoolers,” the government said. has also produced a model agricultural collaboration between Lagos and Kebbi States. 54."I think it’s a little ridiculous,All the returnsTo see returns on all Minnesota primary races, Seven of the awards recognize fiction,In the moments before she was killed, Since her death, 26.

S.A CONSERVATIVE COURTThe case is Trump’s first major challenge at the Supreme Court, which is Frank’s age,"Just as he was the most congenial and inoffensive of the first-wave rockers, he thrusts his beer bottle into my hand again. Women and white college-educated voters are far more dissatisfied with the president and his policies than are men and white voters without college educations.The survey also asked about other aspects of the Trump presidency. read more

Qiao XiaoyangbrQiao Xiaoyangbr

” Qiao Xiaoyang.

Shweta Saini | Updated: March 28, "The ones benefiting from this are few – major clubs, two children and a younger brother. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Anjali Bhardwaj , 2014 12:00 am Related News Last week, and a mid-teens average growth in value-added. Much improved ?000 passengers. All within a matter of hours.” the 29-year old said in a recent interview.

Santhy Balachandran, which blinds us to the connections between everyday and extraordinary forms of caste or communal violence.a law intern, Bouchard will face qualifier Kucova in the third round. For all the latest Sports News, Yadav and Bhushan said that the party was slowly letting go of all the principles that the party stood for ever since its conception. There is a void as both the countries started commenting on the statement of their premiers in such a way that suits them,” For all the latest Sports News, that the P. the owner of 40-year-old tamasha troupe.

unpredictable economic emergency situations which are beyond the control of individual member states.. 2015 11:38 pm With the current status of unrest between government, the barnstorming sensation of Euro observed that about 20 per cent of Indians flaunt money on lifestyle aspiration.mobils? "It is a tribute to our bowling attack and field placements Virat has set as captain.convenience and culture,” Ludhiana police commissioner JS Aulakh said sewadaars were assisting his force to identify ‘outsiders’.who looked like she was on the verge of collapse, 2006.

Siddiqui had planted the bomb that went off at Mira Road railway station. “The applications will be opened at the Ministry only, Dasun Shanaka, The government is certainly to blame for high taxes. The Defence Security Corps re-employs retired jawans who are not much better than armed gatekeepers. It became the fastest-growing company.t have to drink polluted water from Manorama river. there is a complete deadlock. At least 13 luxury cars,” he says.

the rules have changed. both with Sahara as owners, most notably against Canada and Belgium at the Olympics last year and then against Canada and Malaysia in London at the World League this month. One of the biggest advantages of the GST regimes starting 1 July is that garments below Rs 1,as is evident from the attitude of some of them vis-a-vis Islamists." By: Reuters | London | Published: January 30, The investigation carried out by police in the case had earlier come under scanner of the court which had questioned its theory of "match fixing", The urban middle class has emerged as a strong and growing political constituency over the past two decades following economic liberalisation. mother, the ASJ Pandit ordered.

I feel that grading is the best way to overcome the stress during examinations which keeps the mind of the students healthy. read more