Uber and Lyft eye other states

first_imgA driver and passenger wear face masks as Uber and Lyft drivers with Rideshare Drivers United and the Transport Workers Union of America conduct a ‘caravan protest’ outside the California Labor Commissioner’s office amidst the coronavirus pandemic on April 16, 2020 in Los Angeles, California.Mario Tama | Getty Images Uber and Lyft are projected to get their way in California with voters supporting their Proposition 22 ballot measure, according to NBC News.Prop 22 will exempt these and other “gig economy” companies from a law that would have forced them to treat drivers and delivery workers as employees. Instead, they will be able to continue treating them as independent contractors, saving the companies money on employee expenses such as paid sick days, unemployment insurance and health care.Shares in both Uber and Lyft rose more than 10% on Wednesday following the projected win.- Advertisement – – Advertisement – Now, the companies and labor advocates will turn their attention to other state and federal legislatures, which are weighing similar labor law exemptions for ride-hailing and delivery apps.Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has even appealed to President Donald Trump and lawmakers to consider “a third way” of classifying drivers, similar to what Prop 22 provides but at the federal level. The proposition allows the companies to offer drivers partial benefits, such as a minimum base pay that’s higher than the federal minimum wage, and healthcare subsidies for some drivers depending on the average amount of hours they spend giving rides or making deliveries each week.Both companies, along with delivery companies Postmates (which Uber announced plans to acquire), DoorDash and Instacart, poured millions into the support effort, which raised a total of about $203 million, breaking records for a single campaign initiative in the state. The opposition raised just about $20 million despite pulling support from Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.- Advertisement –center_img Critics point to the ride-hailing and food delivery companies’ expenditures as a sign of excessive corporate influence. The companies claim they are backing a measure that many of their own drivers and delivery workers support.Now that voters have weighed in there, attention will largely shift to policymakers considering labor reforms or with their own AB5-style laws on the books, like New York and Massachusetts.What Proposition 22 does and why it wonProposition 22 is rebuke of a recent California state labor law called AB5, which codified a three-part test for whether workers should be considered contractors or employees.Lawmakers who supported AB5 hoped it would make gig economy companies like Uber and Lyft classify drivers as employees, which would require them to pay for things like benefits and unemployment insurance.Uber and Lyft made changes before the law went into place to give drivers more flexibility, which they claimed would make them compliant. But California’s attorney general sued the companies, alleging they did not do enough to pass the new labor test. A trial judge granted a preliminary injunction that would have required companies to adhere to the employee classification, although it was not slated to take effect until after the election. He also called the Uber’s logic for counting drivers’ work as outside the ordinary course of their business “a classic example of circular reasoning.”That lawsuit is unlikely to matter, now that Prop 22 has passed, allowing the companies to continue operating as they have.Seth Berenzweig, who is founder and managing partner of the business law firm Berenzweig Leonard outside of Washington D.C., says that the passage of Prop 22 is a huge win for businesses, especially those with significant operations in California.“Candidly, some drivers will be disappointed with this. But on balance, it’s a reasonable modern compromise. And it will probably also serve as a new blueprint for other states,” Berenzweig said.Berenzweig believes that one reason Prop 22 garnered widespread support in California was because “people like to be independent. They don’t like the government shoving an answer down their throat.” More important, he said, the companies were savvy in defining a middle ground.The new base hourly compensation under Prop 22 is around $16.80, which is higher than the minimum pay under fair labor standards, provisions and regulations. That pay rate helped with the companies’ pitch.Offering some payment to help maintain state insurance contributions was also smart, Berenzweig said. “It helped provide the appearance of some kind of middle ground rather than doing what the state did. The state just made an extreme decision and put everybody and everything in one lane.”Critics of the ballot measure say it’s not that straightforward. Drivers for Uber and Lyft, for example, spend plenty of time waiting in their cars for another rider to pop up on their phone for a pick-up or driving to a nearby stop without pay. Drivers like Nicole Moore, an activist with Rideshare Drivers United, say that waiting time should be considered work as well. Since benefits would be based on how many hours the companies considered them to have worked, they could end up short-changed there too, according to Moore.“When we’re able to get our message out, our message is effective,” Moore said.Independent surveys seem to support the companies’ claims that drivers want to be independent. But Moore and labor law experts like University of Buffalo Professor Erin Hatton say drivers don’t always get the full picture from gig companies.“They’re selling them this dream of being your own boss, working whenever you want to, being in control of your work hours,” Hatton said. “But they’re doing all of these things to undercut the financial security that they might gain from this work.”Uber did not provide comment for this article or on Proposition 22. A Lyft spokesperson pointed to a statement on the proposition highlighting the long fight to get the measure on the ballot and benefits it would provide, like an earnings guarantee.Where the fight goes from hereCompanies that supported Propositon 22 want similar measures elsewhere.Lyft Chief Policy Officer Anthony Foxx said in a statement that the company “stands ready to work with all interested parties, including drivers, labor unions and policymakers, to build a stronger safety net for gig workers in the U.S.”“Now, we’re looking ahead and across the country, ready to champion new benefits structures that are portable, proportional, and flexible,” DoorDash CEO Tony Xu said in a statement.They will likely face similar opposition in New York and Massachusetts as they did in California. But Hatton said she believes that the ballot measure could be “precedent-setting.”“California is a huge and influential state,” she said. “These tech companies, many of them originated there, it’s kind of seen as the vanguard of this whole sector. And they’re literally rewriting employment law, and not just for themselves, but I think that lots of other companies will see this and try to follow suit.”Chris Gerace, who drives for Uber and Lyft in upstate New York and writes for The Rideshare Guy blog, has already taken note of changes the companies have made to accommodate California’s AB5. While he said he supports allowing drivers to be independent workers, he wants to see some of the more flexible features Uber gave to California drivers expanded across the country.For example, he says that allowing drivers to set their own rates could make up for the fact that drivers are not paid for the time they spend waiting or traveling in between rides.“I don’t want AB5. I don’t want an employee model,” Gerace said. But he also hopes that drivers, not just companies, will be involved in creating legislation in his home state.“These companies themselves shouldn’t be writing that law or that proposition themselves,” Gerace said.As for California, Moore said she and other activists are not ready to stop fighting and are willing to pursue action through the courts and policymakers.While legal options in California are narrowing, Hatton said drivers may still be able to try to reclaim backpay from the companies by claiming they’re owed for wages they were entitled to while AB5 was fully in effect.Moore isn’t sure if she’ll go back to driving for Lyft or other apps. She’d stopped taking riders in March as a health precaution during the pandemic. But even at that point, she said, she’d already felt that her wages were “getting close to not worth it.”WATCH: What California’s Prop 22 could mean for tech companies in other states – Advertisement –last_img read more

Public call for delivery of innovative solutions in the field of sustainable tourism in the Adriatic-Ionian region

first_imgYou can find the text of the call and the application form on the website https://fostinno.adrioninterreg.eu/ or on the Faculty website under the link https://www.fthm.uniri.hr/znanost/eu-projekti/fost-inno. For all inquiries about the call and the application itself, you can contact us by e-mail: fostinno@fthm.hr The Faculty of Management in Tourism and Hospitality from Opatija invites all interested parties who have an innovative idea that can contribute to the development of sustainable tourism and who want to test their idea on the Adriatic-Ionian market, to apply for innovative solutions in the field of sustainable tourism Adriatic-Ionian regions. Eligible categories of innovation in the context of this call are innovation of a product, service, business model or business process. The call is open until March 31, 2019, by which time a workshop will be organized to help applicants develop the idea and fill out the application form. The exact date of the workshop will be announced later.  After filling in the application form, the registration must be completed on this one connectors.last_img read more

Letters to the Editor for Friday, June 7

first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionCharacter should matter in a presidentThe people of the United States, by popular vote, elected their choice for president. Enter the Electoral College. Due to redistricting to suit the leaders of one party in this election, the popular vote went down the tubes.We elected a man who was only interested in being a dictator, abandoning and confusing many of our allies, and much preferring dictators, people who only want to be “hangers on” to the man they believe will be able to rule the world.He will do this, of course, with his charming personality, kindness to the wealthy and ignoring what he considers the lower “working class.” I was a child during World War II, but I still remember my parents and, by extension, me, always feeling confident after listening to President Franklin Roosevelt speak. Now, 75-plus years later, when the leader of this country tweets, twitters and brags, I feel only discouraged. Party shouldn’t matter—character should!Pat BruschettiCanajohariePlenty of reasons to re-elect Madigan After reading the candidates’ submitted rationales for why they should be endorsed and spending several hours reviewing and debating, the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee voted to endorse current Finance Commissioner Michele Madigan for re-election as the more qualified candidate.While different members had different rationale for selecting Madigan, my rationale included: Madigan has seven years experience running the city’s finances; our taxes haven’t been raised for seven years; our bond ratings by Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s are high and have increased during her tenure in office; Madigan has successfully pushed for expanded trails, balanced growth and increased sustainability; and she’s worked closely with our other Democratic office holders: Mayor Kelly and Commissioners Franck and Martin.Her good work continues with her recent announcement that the city’s reserves increased by another $1,200,000.Unfortunately, after losing the committee vote, Patty Morrison decided to run as an unendorsed candidate for our city’s very important and difficult finance job, for which she was found to be the less-qualified individual. I hope you’ll join me and the Democratic Committee and vote for Commissioner Michele Madigan in the Democratic primary on June 25. Cynthia CorbettSaratoga SpringsNisky board justified in extending contractThank you, Niskayuna school board, for voting to extend Superintendent Tangorra’s contract. This crucial first step will establish stability in a tumultuous time in our district, a turbulence shamefully stoked by The Gazette. The May 30 editorial (“Nisky board flunks sup’t extension”) and subsequent cartoon mark new lows in a persistent bias against Niskayuna schools.To The Gazette’s first point: Notification of the contract was done exactly as it has always been. The public knew about the contract vote. The meeting was well attended, and many people spoke, nothing sneaky. To the second point: Yes, we elected two new board members, but the only candidate for school board critical of the superintendent was defeated. Even if the new members opposed the contract, the vote would be 5-2, a moot point. The current board negotiated the contract over the last several months; it makes sense that they would then vote on it. To the last ridiculous point: Extend for just a year or two? Really? We are facing a capital project with the possibility of school reconfigurations, and The Gazette thinks we need a temp at the helm?The problems between the bargaining units and administration are being addressed. The board didn’t “flunk” the contract vote. The Gazette has failed its readership. Perhaps the editorial staff would benefit from a Niskayuna education that teaches its students to think critically and consider a diversity of thought. Reprehensibly, The Gazette focuses only on the viewpoints of malcontents and a disgruntled minority of union members.Aliza MesbahiNiskayunaHow would you feel if kids got measles?With no sense of irony and I suppose substantial amount of snark (or lack of awareness), Karen Cookson asks in her June 2 op-ed if there is a correlation between vaccines and developmental issues. She then writes, “Just asking.”Ms. Cookson, how would you feel if your children were among those in the areas of New York state where measles were again a concern, after have been wiped out in 2000? Just asking.Michael FondacaroAlbanyChange the way public schools are financedI wonder when the taxpayers of the state are going to wake up to the fact that they are being ripped off every year by these oppressive school taxes. Do they realize that their school taxes amount to 66.5 percent of their total property tax? I think that many people have given up voting on school budgets because they feel they have little control over anything.We were told years ago that proceeds from the state lottery would be used for education.The state has been promoting gambling of all types ever since, with no lowering effect on any of our taxes. School boards throughout the state have an obligation to the taxpayers to petition the state to change its way of allocating state aid.We must tell our lawmakers that enough is enough, and they need to do something about it. There needs to be change in the way that public schools are financed to give substantial relief to the property owners of this state.Robert A. Van VorstGlenville Thanks for including the flag in newspaperI was very impressed with the addition to the paper on Memorial Day. I refer to the picture of our flag. Someone had the common sense to put the advertisements on the back.I did read those, but our flag needs to stand alone. And that picture of our flag is now on the door of my home. A great idea.Beverly J. OudtScotiaDemocrats need new mantra on TrumpDemocrats need a new mantra. The “Trump derangement syndrome” has sent them and their fake media over the top with stupid accusations. Congressman Paul Tonko has joined the chorus. I like the one sentence Western summary of the Mueller report and Congress now circulating on the Internet: “While we recognize that the subject did not actually steal any horses, he is obviously guilty of trying to resist being hanged for it.”Gerard F. HavasyClifton ParkLate-night TV should seek other targetsIt’s interesting that the shows out of New York City, such as The Tonight Show and Saturday Night Live, make a living night after night, week after week, out of roasting Donald Trump. Don’t they realize that Americans love an underdog? It’d be refreshing to see what they can do with some other jokers in Washington and Albany for a change. I’d stay up to watch Cuomo and Pelosi being raked over the coals.Mac BryantSaratoga SpringsMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censuslast_img read more

Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, Oct. 8

first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionDems lie so big they distort the truthThe Big Lie was used by Adolf Hitler in his book “Mein Kampf.”He said in Mein Kampf of telling a “lie so colossal that no one would believe that someone could distort the truth so infamously.”  Sounds like the current crop of Democrats in Washington, D.C.Lou MosherAmsterdamPressure Metroplex for funding of parksIn the Oct. 5 Gazette, Pete Demola reported that Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy will seek additional funding for city parks.The New York state law creating Metroplex states under “purposes and powers of the authority” that Metroplex is to, “…design, develop, plan, finance, create, site, construct, renovate, administer, operate, manage and/or maintain such buildings, parks,….and other facilities as may be necessary or convenient…”Metroplex will get approximately $8,689,000 from county sales tax receipts in 2019. Any funding for parks?The Metroplex Law requires its chair and board to give rigorous detailed reports on its projects to the county legislature, the City Council, town boards and the public. But the annual Metroplex report to the county legislature is superficial, while the other reporting requirements are simply ignored altogether.Our elected representatives at the town, city and county level will ask the Metroplex Development Authority representatives to spell out what Metroplex will do to upgrade parks in the city and towns, as well as all other Metroplex projects, only when the voting public demands it.Elmer BertschNiskayunaGrateful to all who packed backpacksSchenectady Community Ministries (SiCM) would like to take this opportunity to thank the Feed the Children Organization, Price Rite Market Place, Thompson and Johnson Equipment Co for their forklift and operator, Schenectady Police Department,  Mayor McCarthy, Superintendent Larry Spring, Assemblyman Phil Steck, officials from Assemblyman Santabarbara’s and Congressman Paul Tonko’s offices, Susan Zimiti from the governor’s office, and Tom Hedderon from NYS SNAP Program, the SiCM Staff and 75+ community volunteers for making the “BackPack Giveaway Program” such a wonderful success.On Thursday, Aug. 29, starting about 6:30 a.m., this group of staff and volunteers met to setup the distribution of backpacks filled with school supplies, new reading books, boxes of personal care items, cases of water and cases of fresh produce for 400 families.The entire operation was unloaded, setup, distributed and cleaned up by 2 p.m. Four hundred families, approximately 1,800 individuals, received these supplies, all donated from Feed the Children and the Price Rite Market Place.SiCM thanks you for assisting our families in preparing for Back to School.Jo-Anne RafalikSchenectadyThe writer is the Summer Meals Director for Schenectady Community Ministries. More from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesGov. Andrew Cuomo’s press conference for Sunday, Oct. 18EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristslast_img read more

Jokowi fires child protection commissioner who made ‘pregnant from swimming pools’ claim

first_imgCouncil chairman I Gede Dewa recommended that Sitti resign voluntarily or risk being dishonorably discharged by the President himself.Sitti nevertheless refused to resign and urged the President to reconsider her dismissal from office amid the current COVID-19 pandemic.“Allow me to plead to the President that this is a time when every element must work together [for the country’s best interests],” she said in a statement on Saturday.Sitti became the subject of controversy in February after saying that women should exercise caution when swimming in public swimming pools for fear of getting pregnant.“There is an especially strong type of male sperm that may cause […] pregnancy in a swimming pool,” Sitti said in the interview. “Even without penetration, men may become sexually excited [by women in the pool] and ejaculate, therefore causing a pregnancy.”She initially defended her claim, saying that it was based on scientific journals, but later retracted the statement and apologized.The KPAI itself issued a response saying that Sitti’s statement did not represent the views of the organization. (rfa) Topics : KPAI chairman Susanto had called on the State Secretary to promptly dismiss Sitti on Wednesday.The agency’s ethical council previously recommended Sitti’s immediate removal from office, saying that she had violated the commission’s code of ethics by making the statement.Read also: Child protection commissioner apologizes for saying ‘strong sperm’ could impregnate women in swimming poolsThe ethical council also said that Sitti had been dishonest in claiming that her statement was backed up by scientific studies.center_img President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has signed a decree on the immediate dismissal of Indonesian Child Protection Commission member Sitti Hikmawaty following her scientifically inaccurate claim that “strong sperm” could impregnate women in swimming pools.“[The decree] has been [signed],” State Secretariat secretary Setya Utama said on Sunday as quoted by tempo.co.The presidential decree states that Sitti would be dishonorably discharged from her duty as a KPAI member. The dismissal would be carried out through the Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection Ministry.last_img read more

China, US in new spat over Uighur crackdown

first_img‘At last, real consequences’ Witnesses and human rights groups say that China has rounded up more than one million Uighurs and other Turkic Muslims in Xinjiang in a vast brainwashing campaign aimed at forcibly homogenizing minorities into the country’s Han majority.Pompeo in a conference call with reporters Thursday called the situation “the stain of the century” and has previously drawn parallels with the Holocaust.China counters that it is providing education and vocational training in a bid to reduce the allure of Islamic radicalism following a spate of deadly violence.The Uighur Human Rights Project, an advocacy group, hailed the sanctions and urged other countries to follow suit.”At last, real consequences have begun. This comes at the 11th hour for Uighurs,” said the US-based group’s executive director, Omer Kanat.The other two officials hit with sanctions Thursday were Wang Mingshan, the director of the Xinjiang Public Security Bureau, and Zhu Hailun, a former senior Communist leader in the region.The Treasury Department sanctions also make it a crime in the United States to conduct financial transactions with the three people as well as a fourth person, former security official Huo Liujun, who was not subjected to the separate visa restrictions.The Treasury Department also imposed sanctions on the security bureau as an institution, pointing to its sweeping digital surveillance of Uighurs and other minorities. “The US actions seriously interfere in China’s internal affairs, seriously violate the basic norms of international relations, and seriously damage China-US relations,” foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said in a briefing.”China has decided to impose reciprocal measures against the relevant US institutions and individuals who behave badly on Xinjiang-related issues,” Zhao said, without providing details about the sanctions.Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Thursday the United States was acting against “horrific and systematic abuses” in Xinjiang including forced labor, mass detention and involuntary population control.The back-and-forth over Xinjiang comes just days after the two countries imposed visa restrictions on each other over their disagreement on Tibet. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Thursday blamed the rising tensions on “McCarthy-style paranoia” in the United States. Topics :center_img China said Friday it will impose tit-for-tat measures after the United States slapped sanctions on Chinese officials for their involvement in a crackdown on Muslim minorities, raising tensions between the superpowers.The two countries have traded barbs and sanctions on a slew of issues since President Donald Trump took office, from trade to more recent spats over the coronavirus pandemic, a security law in Hong Kong, and Chinese policies in the far west regions of Tibet and Xinjiang.The latest Chinese response followed a US announcement of visa bans and an assets freeze on three officials, including Chen Quanquo, the Communist Party chief in Xinjiang and architect of Beijing’s hardline policies against restive minorities. ‘A ripple effect’?Olivia Enos, a senior policy analyst at the conservative Heritage Foundation who studies human rights, doubted that Beijing would suddenly reverse course in Xinjiang.But she voiced hope that the sanctions would have a broader impact and said it was especially noteworthy that the United States targeted Chen, who before Xinjiang made his name through strong-armed tactics in Tibet.”My guess is that this will have a ripple effect throughout the Chinese Communist Party. Other would-be bad actors may think twice before engaging in behaviors like you see Chen Quanguo carrying out,” she said.The visa ban impacts officials’ immediate families, depriving their children of the prestige of jetsetting across the Pacific for education or pleasure.Congress has led the push for a tougher response on Xinjiang and in May passed an act that authorized sanctions, listing Chen by name, although Pompeo and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin took Thursday’s actions under separate authorities.In a fresh effort, 78 members of Congress across party lines released a letter that urged the Trump administration to consider formally designating China’s policies as genocide.Despite wide concern in Washington over treatment of the Uighurs, former national security advisor John Bolton in an explosive new book said he was shocked at Trump’s attitude on the issue.Bolton wrote that Chinese President Xi Jinping explained his policies to Trump in a meeting and that the US leader, eager for a trade deal with Beijing, replied that the detention camps were “exactly the right thing to do.”last_img read more

Arsenal and Tottenham consider transfer moves for Dejan Lovren

first_imgLovren is set to be available this summer (Picture: Getty)Arsenal and Tottenham are two of several clubs interested in signing Dejan Lovren this summer, reports say.The Liverpool centre-back is about to enter the final year of his contract and the Reds will be keen to cash in on the defender rather than lose him on a free transfer next year.Italian outlet La Lazio Siamo Noi claim Jose Mourinho’s side and Arsenal are tracking Lovren, who will be available for £18million this summer.AC Milan, Lyon and Lazio are also considering a move for the Croatian, who has fallen down the pecking order at Liverpool.ADVERTISEMENTVirgil Van Dijk and Joe Gomez are Liverpool’s first-choice centre-back pairing, with Joel Matip also ahead of Lovren in the battle for a starting spot under Jurgen Klopp.AdvertisementAdvertisementLovren turns 31 in July and would like to secure a long-term deal elsewhere, even if that means taking a pay cut.Klopp blocked Lovren’s exit last summer when it appeared he would be moving to Serie A, but he has only made nine starts in the Premier League this season. Metro Sport ReporterTuesday 17 Mar 2020 10:22 amShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link697Shares Lovren has seen his playing time limited this season (Picture: Getty)Lovren’s last league start was Watford where Liverpool lost 3-0 in a humiliating defeat which saw the Reds’ unbeaten streak end.Mourinho and his Arsenal counter-part Mikel Arteta are planning major overhauls at their respective clubs this summer.Arteta wants to revamp his defence and midfield, while Mourinho is eager to get to work on rebuilding his Tottenham side.More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man CityHowever, the transfer window is set to be affected by the worsening coronavirus pandemic which has caused sport across the world to grind to a halt.The Premier League has stopped football until the start of next month, but it is looking increasingly likely that suspension will be extended.UEFA is holding a crisis meeting on Tuesday to discuss what will be the fate of the Champions League, Europa League and European Championships.Euro 2020 is expected to be postponed a year, while Premier League chiefs are hopeful they can complete the season during the summer.MORE: Manchester United and Arsenal offered chance to sign Barcelona star Samuel UmtitiMORE: William Saliba will ‘have a big part to play from day one’ at Arsenal, says Mikael SilvestreFollow Metro Sport across our social channels, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For more stories like this, check our sport page. Arsenal and Tottenham consider transfer moves for Dejan Lovren Comment Advertisement Advertisementlast_img read more

Super Falcons, Oshoala, Osimhen in line for honours at CAF awards

first_img Winner of the gong in 2014, 2016 and 2017, and also among the final three in 2018, Super Falcons’ captain Asisat Oshoala is highly favoured for a fourth African Woman Player of the Year crown, which will equal the feat of fellow Nigerian, Perpetua Nkwocha. The other contenders are Ajara Nchout from Cameroon and South Africa’s Thembi Kgatlana, who was crowned in Dakar, Senegal 12 months ago. Super Eagles’ aces Samuel Chukwueze and Victor Osimhen are in the battle for the Young Player of the Year award, with Morocco’s Achraf Hakimi up against the duo. Nigeria’s Super Falcons is primed for the award of the Women’s National Team of the Year, having successfully retained their continental crown in Ghana in December 2018 and reached the knockout stage of the FIFA Women’s World Cup in France last year summer. Cameroon’s Indomitable Lionesses and Banyana Banyana of South Africa are contending against the nine-time African champions. Former Super Falcons’ coach, Thomas Dennerby is also in the running for honours after being listed for the Women’s Coach of the Year for his work with the Super Falcons. He will battle South Africa’s Desire Ellis and Cameroon’s Alain Djeumfa. The final phase of voting for the men’s and women’s African Player of the Year, as well as the male and female Coach of the Year, will be selected by Head Coaches/Technical Directors and Captains of senior national teams from CAF Member Associations. Read Also:Chukwu reveals why Eagles stars will not win CAF awards Meanwhile, the Interclubs Player of the Year will be decided upon by the Head Coaches and Captains of the group phase of the current season of CAF Interclubs competitions. The top three (3) contenders for all the categories: African Player of the Year Mohamed Salah (Egypt & Liverpool) Loading… Riyad Mahrez (Algeria & Manchester City) Sadio Mane (Senegal & Liverpool) African Women’s Player of the Year Ajara Nchout (Cameroon & Valerenga) Asisat Oshoala (Nigeria & Barcelona) Thembi Kgatlana (South Africa & Beijing Phoenix FC) African Interclubs Player of the Year Anice Badri (Tunisia & Esperance) Tarek Hamed (Egypt & Zamalek) Youcef Belaïli (Algeria & Esperance / Ahli Jeddah) African Youth Player of the Year Achraf Hakimi (Morocco & Borussia Dortmund) FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Nigerian star, football players Asisat Oshoala, Victor Osimhen, Samuel Chukwueze are in the shortlist for honours at the 2019 CAF Awards ceremony scheduled for the Albatros Citadel Sahl Hasheesh, Hurghada, Egypt on Tuesday night. Promoted ContentThe Best Cars Of All TimeThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read MoreWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?Which Country Is The Most Romantic In The World?Top 10 Enemies Turned Friends In TV9 Facts You Should Know Before Getting A TattooYou’ve Only Seen Such Colorful Hairdos In A Handful Of AnimeThis Muslim Woman Belongs To World’s 10 Strongest Women5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme ParksA Soviet Shot Put Thrower’s Record Hasn’t Been Beaten To This DayA Guy Turns Gray Walls And Simple Bricks Into Works Of ArtTop 10 Most Romantic Nations In The Worldlast_img read more

Australia players can not complain about preparation – CA

first_img(REUTERS)-Cricket Australia (CA) boss James Sutherland has put the Test team’s struggles firmly at the door of the players and rejected suggestions they were unprepared for the series against South Africa.Australia were thrashed by 177 runs in Perth in the series opener and trail by 86 runs in the second test in Hobart after they were skittled out for 85 on day one on Saturday.Rain washed out the second day’s play, but South Africa can hope to shut the door on Australia with a match-winning lead when they resume on 171 for five at Bellerive Oval yesterday.Media pundits have blamed a crammed schedule for Australia’s travails, with the players having had only one domestic Sheffield Shield match to prepare for red-ball cricket after touring South Africa for a one-day international series.But Sutherland said the players had no cause for complaint.“I’ve heard a little bit of commentary around preparation and I think it’s interesting,” Sutherland told ABC radio yesterday.“I don’t think the preparation is anything that Australian cricket can complain about because South Africa have had the same schedule.“We have both played each other in one-day matches in October, came through here, had various forms of long-form or other preparatory matches.“If you draw that comparison the team we are playing against hasn’t had any different preparation.“Ideally you might have a different preparation but the fact of the matter is you can’t.”Selectors rested frontline pace bowlers Mitchell Starc and Josh Hazlewood from the tour of South Africa to keep them fresh for the Test series.Australia played their most recent test series in Sri Lanka in July and August, and were white-washed 3-0.Sutherland reiterated his board’s call for less international cricket, not more, calling the current regime of scheduling “difficult.At ICC (International Cricket Council) level it’s something we’re working very hard on,” he said.“To try and get more structure to refine the way in which international cricket is played and to be honest, ultimately play less international cricket, so that it’s more valuable and there’s not these random series that crop up all the time.”Australia’s selectors have also worn flak for a number of contentious decisions, prompting calls for panel chairman Rod Marsh to step down immediately, rather than wait until after the India tour next year as previously announced.Sutherland, however, said Marsh would not be rushed out the door.“The selection panel clearly have got their job to do and it’s challenging times,” he said.last_img read more

FB : Cohen: Repetitive, predictable play calling costs Syracuse

first_img Comments EAST HARTFORD, Conn. — This Doug Marrone showed plenty of emotion. Unlike the post-West Virginia Marrone that held in his emotion without so much as a smile, Saturday’s version reflected the frustration of a 28-21 loss to Connecticut.Following Syracuse’s turnover on downs with 1:31 remaining that sealed his team’s second consecutive loss, Marrone removed his headset and threw it to the ground in disgust. He handed his now-useless play card off to a member of his staff and stood with arms crossed at midfield.When an assistant reached out to Marrone, offering another piece of paper, the SU head coach snatched it away angrily.‘The second half, we scored every time we touched the ball except for that last drive,’ Marrone said.Uh, coach. That’s not actually true.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textAfter two brilliantly executed touchdown drives to open the second half, SU turned the ball over on each of its final two possessions — both a reflection of simplistic, repetitive play calling. An interception by Ryan Nassib with 9:05 remaining was converted into the eventual game-winning score by the Huskies, and UConn defensive tackle Kendall Reyes batted down a fourth-and-6 pass to halt SU’s final drive.As the second half wore on, a core group of four plays became the staple of the Syracuse offense. Offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett returned to the well time and time again. It led to huge games from wide receivers Alec Lemon and Dorian Graham and tight end Nick Provo, but it also led to both turnovers, as the Huskies — and everyone else in the stadium — knew what plays to expect.Connecticut was fed a heavy diet of out routes to Provo via play action and bootlegs, slants to Lemon or end-arounds to Graham.That’s it. No effective running game, unless you count 33 yards by Graham on four reverses. No threat of deep passes. (Syracuse attempted only one deep ball all game to Van Chew in the first quarter.) By the fourth quarter, not a shred of deception.‘I thought they would (expect it), but we kept getting them,’ Hackett said. ‘So it’s kind of hard when you’re sitting there and you don’t call it because you never know if they’re going to get it.’Seven of Nassib’s nine completions on the Orange’s two touchdown drives in the second half went to Lemon and Provo. The former finished with arguably the best game of his career, hauling in nine catches for 157 yards and a touchdown. The latter remained Nassib’s security blanket with seven catches — four of which resulted in first downs — for 53 yards and a touchdown.But eventually, the Huskies caught on. Linebacker Sio Moore read Lemon’s route on a bootleg by Nassib and jumped in front to pick off a pass in the fourth quarter to set up the game-winning score.‘I was just reading the release of the wide receiver and following him on the route,’ Moore said. ‘I knew we needed a big play, so I just made one for us.’And it was on SU’s final drive that UConn demonstrated its ability to predict — correctly — the majority of plays the Orange called.On first-and-10 from its own 20, Graham was smashed in the backfield by Tywon Martin for a loss of 7 on a reverse as Hackett tried to ‘sneak one more in there’ against the Huskies.Later in the drive, the desire to force the ball to Lemon doomed the Orange. On third-and-6, Nassib zipped a ball down the middle on a seam route, but Connecticut safety Ty-Meer Brown broke up the play easily. He read it all the way.Then, with one last chance, Nassib went back to Lemon on the quick slant pattern that worked all game long. But UConn defensive tackle Kendall Reyes recognized the blatant repetition and extended his arms to bat the ball to the ground on fourth down.‘You want to keep trying to make them play it and make them cover it,’ Hackett said.Well, coach, they did cover it. Against the 106th-best pass defense in the country, SU failed to connect on a single pass of more than 30 yards — because it didn’t try after the first quarter.The exciting offense promised to fans by Marrone, his staff and his players all throughout camp was reduced to a video game-esque series of 5-yard out routes and slants.Nassib was so focused in on Provo and Lemon that by the end of the game, the official Connecticut spotter in the press box began guessing the outcome of each play. It was beyond predictable and beyond ineffective.A far cry from the flea-flicking, wide receiver-throwing offense of weeks gone by.Michael Cohen is the sports editor at The Daily Orange, where his column appears occasionally. He can be reached at mjcohe02@syr.edu or on Twitter at @Michael_Cohen13. Published on November 6, 2011 at 12:00 pm Contact Michael: mjcohe02@syr.edu | @Michael_Cohen13center_img Facebook Twitter Google+last_img read more