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The central bank super online banking in June or third party online access

hurry up and get your seat

super online banking system to make online banking more convenient figure according to CFP

log on to any of the bank’s website, you can query the head of the bank card information in other banks…… With the introduction of the second generation of central bank payment system (due to the powerful was hailed as super online banking), the introduction of all this will become a reality. Central Bank Deputy Governor Su Ning said, the second generation payment system will be launched at the end of June 2010, the first operation is Internet banking Internet application system running on the line, other application system and the ACS system to the end of June 2011. read more

The biggest challenge of electronic commerce

With the rapid development of e-commerce, information flow, logistics and payment flow will become the obstacles of the development of

. Logistics is the most basic, but also the protection of e-commerce. Because the logistics to ensure the right time, the right place, and the right conditions, the right product to the right customer. Secondly, the information flow is the core, which mainly refers to the information flow between the enterprise and the enterprise, the enterprise and the customer, the customer and the customer. Once again, payment flow, as an important component of the three flow of e-commerce, is indispensable. The payment and settlement link is completed by the financial special network including the payment gateway, the bank and the issuing bank. Therefore, the bank can be said to be the core of any e-commerce capital flows. read more

Optimize the development trend of B2C website from the website of XX

twenty-first Century will enter the era of e-commerce, is the inevitable social development, we have no choice but to live in the era of e-commerce. For those of us owners, electricity traders, it is necessary to understand this trend, and walk in the forefront of the trend. As we all know, the traditional e-commerce model is divided into different types of e-commerce, there are B2B, B2C, C2C and other types. Today, we will optimize the web site from this collection, peep the development trend of B2C website. read more

Behind jumei com and V battle Beauty electricity supplier sitzkrieg

reporter Zhu Ping Beijing reported

since the beginning of August 4th, cross-border electricity really fake sparked heated debate on micro-blog, micro-blog is the first major V@@ left hand and CEO Chen Ou open tear, after adding the topic of warming darling.

industry analysts pointed out that the reason why Chen Ou so sensitive, because has been "fake" and negative ridden, behind the "slobber war" is beauty electricity supplier various sitzkrieg.

fake electricity supplier sensitive nerve tingling read more

Network grassroots month earned 3000 of the 10 methods

Every grassroots network, there are at least 10 ways, respectively is 3000 month, 3000 month and what not, I now do not need these basic methods, but for some it can make him a person of noble aspirations, more freedom to do the things they want to do.

you are "grassroots network"

The following

on all aspects of the network are very familiar with. Do a personal website, HTML, the best will be a desktop programming language (not necessarily proficient), proficient in the use of the search engine, proficient in using the Internet to learn, there are more than 10 e-mail accounts, but English, often more than ten Forum irrigation, will use P2P to download X movies (just kidding don’t take it seriously), have some research on network marketing, personal Blog, with a personal computer, monthly Internet, thinking is divergent, at least in intelligence……

"grassroots network earn ten methods 3000

the following ten methods in alphabetical order: read more

No accident then 80% of second hand car electricity supplier O2O will become martyrs

Abstract: in 2015, China’s used car market has less than 6% is completed through the line, the corresponding online used car transactions amounted to $30 billion 700 million, the market is still not into the outbreak period. For the use of such a large and heavy car market, to cultivate a more extensive online buying habits, at least have to burn more than $1 billion.


Focus Media is a super sales staff, he is very good at selling skills: with the Target Corp about its rival’s advertising strategy, and expounds the necessity to follow up as soon as possible. You can imagine boldly, Jason Jiang saw excellent letter CEO Dai Kun and all car founder Li Jian, will a literary cavity say: "the seeds of second-hand car Hao Yang Chung is such a burn: 1…… 2…… 3…… If you don’t follow up, it will be difficult to catch up when it builds a brand advantage……" read more

A quarter of the loss of Jingdong Ali net profit is expected to decline this year a comprehensive p

in the first quarter, before the earnings report published in two, Chinese Alibaba and Jingdong still maintains a business turnover of more than 40% growth rate. The two giants also believe that China’s electricity supplier market in the next few years will continue to maintain rapid development, will continue to actively invest.

at the same time, the State Council issued the electricity supplier, the country eight, to vigorously develop e-commerce, e-commerce barriers to reduce access, will stimulate the electricity supplier industry to further warming. read more

Word of mouth to push O2O business growth solutions businesses enjoy 3 years of free strategy

NetEase science and technology news May 11th news, today, the reputation of the launch of the first O2O business growth solutions, from traffic, content and membership of three levels to help businesses. At the same time, in order to support businesses, will be implemented in the settled, flow completely free policy, free period tentatively for three years.

at the same time, the recent reputation in the Alipay App also launched the latest version of personalized intelligent recommendation version of word of mouth. read more

Baidu search theme products Qi upgrade

Today, after landing the Baidu union background, found some things to upgrade, give us more choices,

dear affiliate,

is pleased to inform you that Baidu search products and theme promotion product code has been fully upgraded!


search box

1, the use of Baidu as a key word list recommended to increase the amount of search.

2, provides the station search and other Baidu channel search options feature to enhance the user experience.

3, provides a new customizable search box style, and simplify the code download method. read more

Google founder the five major success of the company discipline

lead: Larry Page led the world’s most successful, the most forward thinking companies. If you want to embark on the road of entrepreneurship, then take a look at his 5 commandments".

Larry Page is 41 years old this year, he led the world’s most successful, most forward-looking thinking company. Google was originally a doctoral research project of Stanford University, and now they have is a set of search, artificial intelligence, robotics, hardware, ISP, retail, express, media and other services in one of the tech giants. Of course, we know that these achievements were not achieved overnight. read more

mprove the site GGAD advertising revenue skills

I often go to the

station or forum, I found a more discussion topic is how to improve the GGAD website advertising revenue, the high GGAD advertising income is how to optimize the site, what are the essential factors of the construction site? Here is my a little experience to improve the website of GGAD advertising the income of skill, hope to help you master.

talk about improving the site GGAD advertising revenue skills, first of all to say how the AdSense advertising revenue is generated. AdSense advertising revenue = AdSense advertising display X ad clicks X single advertising price, the AdSense advertising revenue formula. read more

Try to do Wangzhuan in developing countries

today I’m reading an article Moonlight blog website, found a super good Wangzhuan project, should not many people think, estimation is also the latest Wangzhuan project, he wrote "home page" image is letter which said: "today I found a home mirror M station abroad was sealed and I have nothing to say, those netguard who took our tax money, the day you eat the rice isn’t what other meaningful things to do? You take people’s money is to disturb the people on the Internet?" according to moonlight blog. read more

Share how to use Taobao single page program monthly income 2000

believes that Tao station friends know many famous cattle stations, such as the gem Tao home of Taobao, Taobao, 28 street, domestics etc.. These are the mom invited guest interviews, before this, their income although not in billboard, but the monthly income of 10000 yuan is not too difficult. Now, you can use Taobao off the contributing partners links to query their website, with the average turnover sites not much difference basically, things have the tide, the API access mode for Taobao guest website now seems to have to decline period. Baidu and other search engines began to ban the API access mode of station. Many guest station overnight by K. Fortunately, only a few pages have been included. Without the support of the search engine, there is no gold flow. It also affects the income of Taobao customers. This is one. Second, the API access mode is the product of the website Daquan model, there are some things in Taobao, almost all Taobao sites have. Then we think about it, with Taobao to buy things buyers have their own Taobao account, which is certain. They must know Taobao station, since it is so, why people do not stand to the Taobao official website to search to buy something, why in your station to buy things? If you are a buyer, you will go to the official website of Taobao. Third, the product Daquan model, high turnover is not necessarily high profit. Because the commission ratio of each product is not the same, you can check in Ali mother. Some products even less than 1 yuan commission. read more